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Question: How can you protect yourself from energy vampires?

Video Nicolai 25.10.2016 at 13:06

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On the protection of (the best option is not to communicate with them, even just here on my site there are recommendations there is a simple exercise, it certainly can, this exercise is not very all help and may not really help, because it's one of the options, but better something than nothing at all, the exercise is very simple, no matter a person sees, feels or not his mind creates, regardless of how he feels or not feels, sees or does not see, if people just focus and tune and will start a program "around me there is a protective shell" it does not matter they will see not see, feel or not "this protective shell is nothing negative inside and not let anything positive without my consent are not released outside the shell" and so frequently repeated, that protective shell that many people have destroyed, recovered and fixated, and of course once you say this does not mean that it all will be, you need to speak regularly and over time can actually produce a conditioned reflex, that is, it will automatically exist, but even with this automatic protection should still be checked periodically, especially where a large crowd of people and so on, where most of the energy loss goes, there's many people who are in public transport often travels? everything is always or often when people for example went to the same subway train sat, plopped down there reading a book, it would seem the rest should be Yes, and the man climbs out of the subway or the train crushed and squeezed like a lemon, isn't it?the same person sits behind the wheel of a car when one has a car, and rides and so on edge, because one fool left, right jumps and so on, or the fool, arrives at work, goes out and forces on the ground, it would seem nestykovochka? Yes? and no nestykovochki, not even when just a large crowd of people, like it or not, there is a loss of energy, there is an exchange of energy and those who have more energy are beginning to pass those who do not and who are sick, weak and so on you know, and especially sick people unconsciously begin to deflate, there is a conscious vampires, and vampires are unconscious, just beginning to suck the life force from those who have excess energy who are easy to get, so when a person travels on public transport he vilasa from there even if he's sitting and resting and reading a book or sleeping squeezed like a lemon, and the wheel sitting on the nerves where you need to spend a lot and still drive voltage not relaxing and so on has enough power to operate, and highly effective, so many things they exist in nature and they are real, whether we understand them or not, they work and act on us regardless of whether we like or not, whether we like or dislike, they work and act, and if we are to understand that of course will be much better, so that's when you really have to go to public transport well, not always there is a choice, right? that's the protection you need at the maximum, you take the capacity part of it to increase their protection to make it thicker, that's not Takushoku and vitacoustic, but the spending potential that will allow you to prevent to a large part of the potential while among the mass of people has not left you, you'll keep your capacity for yourself, try for many, this should help, if indeed you do it right, so here's the answer to this question (question from the audience: which book did you write it?) it's on the website I recommendations, "Recommendations" on the website).


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