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Question: You said that you are an atheist, tell us about the concept of God and gods, how many are sharing, and so on. Everything has a beginning and the beginning of Genesis where it is?

Video Nicolai 01.11.2016 at 12:37

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About God, the hierarchs, the development and early (well, there are two questions and both such fun. You said you are an atheist, tell us about the concept of God and gods, how many are sharing, and so on. Everything has a beginning and the beginning of Genesis where it is? Well, it's the eternal question of course, well, first, I'm really an atheist and it's not for effect, because belief in God arises where there is ignorance, because to say that our ancestors were called gods, whom our ancestors called gods no relation to the modern concept of God — not just our ancestors were called gods people who have reached the level of creation, i.e. they have evolved and reached a certain point of development, when they can its consciousness, its action to influence the processes of large, micro and macro scales, this is due to the evolutionary development of sentient beings, so the fact that our ancestors were called gods, in the sense as now understood by the gods is not irrelevant, it is just a highly developed hierarchy, it is in his book is also prescribed, just be sure to read "Russia in curve mirrors" I wrote about it, say so in detail, especially in the second volume I is more unfolded, it is the first, so much to tell them bishops are very much in Space and each of them has its own level of development and again there is no hard, such that you're sitting and you're not allowed, everyone develops with the same speed with which it can develop, but again the development of each depends on its internal abilities and how consciousness works, how it is properly understood and things like that, because so to speak, and many of the names let's have, say the name of Rahma or RA so to speak Yes, is not a name as such this level of development, i.e., beings having a sacred name of RA may be many, well not many, but a few at least, because only when one attains a certain level of development, he gets his, in accordance with the level of development of the name and it may change as changing its development, continue to move forward — the name changes went further, it can name to be the same a thousand years, and can change every day, depending on how the person moves forward, it's about gods and so forth, i.e. gods, in principle, does not exist, the gods created the parasites to enslave civilization, which are at the initial phases of development, when there are creatures possessing several great opportunities to those entities which, well, remember who read the second volume of "Russia" part, where I talked about the evolutionary numbers, ie if a race or having a creature with high evolutionary appears among the number of race with low evolutionary number, i.e., it speaks in childhood or infancy of the race and show them their options, one for those this demonstration is supernatural impossible and only the black hand use it in order to create the cult of the gods, the forces of light never do, so all that concerns the gods, the appearance of God as understood now is only a black phenomenon, because in the Universe there are gods such thing at all; and on account of the beginning, everything, from specific everything is the beginning, the same destrucive, it has a beginning and has an end, every universe, our universe has a beginning and an end, so to speak about specific things, it is impossible to talk about everything, because to say that I suppose I reached the beginning, I did not say this because I have also not stopped in traffic and hope not to stop, but if you understand that, let's say our universe is a speck, a little speck of destructica, right? if someone read, and one destrucive is one atom of so-called matrix space, well called as it must somehow, because the words to the concept, this, this, this, this — do not understand people, but when called — some kind of integrity, here is a matrix space in which trillions of destructicon, trillions, is only one petal, small petal of the universe and the trillions of petals create a certain integrity and each end-and a beginning has and end and so on and between these trillions of petals of the matrix spaces of our type there is a Gulf of quality barrier, they start another and another and another and another I can half an hour to say "other", you know? I can repeat the "other" half an hour, I think it will help very much to understand; just understand the following — each specific, concrete has a beginning and an end, ie, our universe, which has specific properties and qualities, composition and so on, it has a beginning and has an end, but this does not mean that all ends ......., let's assume the same end of the spaces we type, it does not mean that there is only, nothing else, even if you go all like, kind of, smoothly, slowly varying space and it crushes as they say, the matter which creates universes so to speak, in levels, that's all decayed, and so on, even if all pass, it doesn't mean that's all, just I don't want, you know, you must first understand the Foundation on which we stand, because if to say that the universe exists so to speak, which is formed in space where we assume space did not change, and matter is changing, that's funny? where is the space of absolute stable not changing, and matter is constantly changing, too (question from the hall) What? Why? In swing, as they say... there are just different quality, different, many, there are many options for education spaces, just understand each specifically, we'll hit sooner or later we will always hit a boundary, in one form or another, but this piratello in the border is because we have reached its own boundaries, i.e. if we do not change ourselves, i.e., by changing yourself you are changing yourself and changing you open a new horizon which were not visible until you do it, movement infinitely extended, that is, the boundaries of the world, the universe will move apart further, so I'm still moving, its impasse I haven't got, well, a dead end, where rested, and then can't move (question from audience) — well, in order to move necessary to solve the puzzle, i.e. in other quality of space if you turn up in such kind in what you eat — you will die, because there is organization of matter and so on is completely different and now each time such problems faced need to be solved how to go through then after that you can not pass if you find solutions, it will not burn do not perish, then go further, and the solution can always be found if brains, yet they move well and while you find the right solution it is possible to find (question from the hall) what? but, behind the steamer? no, you can go on, but if you will not undergo the same changes that you want, you just will burn, just in his autobiography there's something I have already written about it, there are just dots, right? because I have written everything, just then published for General consumption, there are dots, why because some things and so for many people already — he's already all went, and if I remove another point, I would say not only went, but came here, so not to do the job twice I write it as it was just those areas that already for most already seem, he arrived, I just put points, and may reveal, just when there at the movement we are, I already wrote about it, but there are points, too, are, so to say space was a colossal failure, a lot of them failures, but there is a special hole was huge and I poked back, as they say, "I came out of the forest and immediately went," remember, Yes, the anecdote about Vitsin, no? remember the anecdote not? let me remind you, old cool anecdote: school, Vitsin, Nikulin and Morgunov got a job to study, so to speak, Nekrasov's poems, as it happens, Nikulin, Morgunov type Nekrasov's poem began the poem Nekrasov and so on, well, sit down don't know deuce, then Nikulin same goes Vitsin, poem of Nekrasov, I came out of the woods, so the fist time I went; didn't hear the joke, so funny, baby but it's a good joke, well, when so to speak shoved back and soon stopped, because it began to burn, burned, to be destroyed, i.e.

the quality of mine was absolutely not compatible with what I got, but I came on time as stated, well worth it now, yeah go further, to on the other side go, so to speak, it is impossible to move because you're thrusting into the river, and she's the one, well I had to think how to find how to create what you do not what you have, well, managed to find a place and gradually built and managed to overcome this barrier quality, regular, and these qualitative barriers when moving a lot, sometimes only one, which do you need a fundamentally different approach to overcome it, but if until you find the place that the brain moves, if you will find option — go on, you will not find — or burn, or will stop, so to say I'm up to my impasse is not reached, you say stalled, so this is a dead end when you reached, and how to go further already brains do not move, or can't think how; well, in any case, so to speak, at least managed to pass a lot of that, but I end not seen, but each individual thing has its beginning and its end, but this does not mean that somewhere there is a beginning and an end, and may have an end, but may have, may not have it yet I can not answer, although it has passed quite a lot, so this moment).


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