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November news - Slim, Flesh Smile, Purulent

Download rap album 04.11.2016 at 20:12

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New releases

the Main event of the beginning of November was the release of the album Ikra from Sliema. On the release of Slim - Calf a lot of guests and great tracks, will soon be a review.

New release released Lara Croats - Tears of the gods.

Another interesting release: Flesh Smile - Hello, my world. You can download it here. He Flash a Smile called the genre of the track - Psyhodrap.

Psyhodrap - psychedelic rap, a brilliant representative of which is Flesh Smile.

Upcoming releases

Group 25/17 announced the release soon of the new album, which will be called "eve goes to Babylon" which can be downloaded in our website after its release.

So, they got an album from Rigos - Heel, this became known recently. Fitov from fatty - Slim and Mezza Morta.

as well judging by the comments on the page Flesh Smile we expect a release from him, in the style of "Hello world"

Purulent and Armenians, Chechens, Chinese

In October Purulent removed the page, in connection with incoming threats. Purulent threaten Chechens and Armenians.

Purulent And today released a video message where he apologizes for his words:

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