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Question: Svetlana in the book of Revelation wrote that even people who defended their Homeland heroes, they find themselves in not very pleasant levels. And the question is how is it, the injustice.

Video Nicolai 04.11.2016 at 13:49

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About action and responsibility (well, to some extent, this is an injustice, Yes, but it is justice too in any case when a person kills, even killing as they say defending his family and his country and so forth, the fact of murder does not disappear, see, because and this is a necessary measure, because I always my students when seminars held in Russia and then in America they gave the following example to make it clear what it is, let's say you are in the house, on the street a crazy person has a gun, a machine gun shooting everyone left and right, he can't kill you, for certain reasons, that is, you have a weapon, what will you do? all right here we go, we'll be sure to tell him that killing the business is not good, well not good and all, but you will speak and he will be ... and presses the trigger on killing dozens of people, well, what if we take the trigger and click, we'll kill him, of course, just as bad, they say of course, but when you if you also like rifles in the hands of nothing and you see that crazy killing dozens of other people, children and so on and so forth, it is not depending on what it is you will suffer from this part, the person must act, must take the rifle and stop this killer, he too is a killer, but the question is what condition this man was doing, what purpose is pursued, the imprint of this murder would be much less if you who read where the hero is also not there in the place where those who killed for real, even though he was a war hero, has killed many, because it is one thing to kill for profit, in order as they say to enjoy the power of killing and so forth, feel, then, another thing is protecting children, women, old people, defending their Homeland, the internal state completely different, but nonetheless, murder is murder, and now the next level, you have not only a rifle, and have certain skills, there is an understanding that is crazy is just a vessel in which .... phase starts killing people, why is this happening? because of certain reasons of his human nature embossed out of the human body and the body is captured by a predator parasite, astral parasite, which needs the energy of death, to be satisfied, and capturing the human body is such a creature would be to kill until then, until you saturate yourself sufficiently, it turns out, human nature returns and people do not remember anything about what happened when he was in this state, and the most interesting man is not lying, he really doesn't remember because he wasn't there, this is equivalent to what you took off your jacket for example a man, hung on a chair, someone took it was used and returned, you are putting on, you say here you were in this jacket you killed those men because you were in my jacket, though it would be? no, but if you understand the mechanism and understand what is happening and have the potential then you will get this entity out of this body of a human pull, pull behind the ears and bring him back to the true essence back when it happens people will return to the human consciousness and the killing will stop, for example, in any case, this violence, you do not ask this man this creature's permission to intervene, but you did not kill that person but simply free it from its parasitic nature, but if you just let the medics arrive it in a straitjacket placed, will take you to a madhouse until the next occasion, when again it is something not to instill a similar, and again will not be the same, so in order to really if you understand it, and understand what is happening and understand why this man exactly happens you not only have to pull stuff out of him, demon possessed, as they say, and to restore its integrity to such a nasty astral parasite the parasite does not intermeddle in it, and then never in this man no one will get, it is also an option, if you have an understanding of the knowledge and ability to do this, but again you intervene without consent, and other specific actions to produce the next version — you astral parasite pulled threw it, what the hell is he escaped so, just began to eat tasty and did not let me eat, what do you think he will calm down on this? he will — and where else can eat, who can climb and will find another and do the same right? that he can't eat, it's his nature, the question is then what to do? if you understand and have the ability and so on you already again have some parasite and isolate him, put him in jail as a punishment for murder is not human but a parasite which he had made; and again, a certain violence is right? so you are the creature against the will of the plant, and so on, but it depends on your understanding and skill of the violence which you used is getting smaller and smaller and smaller, you know? until some time, and then maybe even more, but on a completely different level, but maybe the creature to escape and continue the same means, because nature is the creature that he behaves this way to that creature never did need it, sh-sh-sh-sh-sh spin, to the point where he was a harmless creature, thinking to devour others, and to give him the opportunity to develop a different way, is also violence, but it is minimal and if he from the beginning he was a piranha the piranha as not going back to the original point, from the egg to the piranhas so completely untwisted to zero, and if you understand it well won one of being hyped it is no longer the hero, well really, but these beings are thousands, tens of thousands, and really to solve the problem we need to deal with all of them and so on, that is, understand here and each time depend on the level of your comprehension skills, your actions when you do to protect, the attack is generally not acceptable from my point of view, because if you attack you so to speak you know what happens, so depends on your level, you must act in accordance with your level of understanding and capabilities to act, I do not understand the Hindu philosophy says I can't interfere in someone else's karma because I have not grown before that child drowning will stand on the shore I do not have the right to save the child, it is his karma to drown here, well, the philosophy is that, and I believe that if people can save you can help — it needs to act, and to act always needs to the level that he has, and if he has the correct understanding and proper use of the opportunities that he has, a negative effect of this use of violence will be less and less and less, but in any case, if a person has nothing but weapons, but there is a bastard who kills children, women and the elderly, it is necessary to stop even just weapons, despite the fact that this is a negative, this is my opinion, someone may not like it, but my position it is(a voice from the audience: Excuse me, I wanted to ask a question, but if the person on the radio say, to preserve their power, they hire people to kill each other, the man who hires others he is liable? and his family or not?) even more, let's see what then becomes of their children, most of them mentally and physically unhealthy, and children are born and grandchildren of the sick and so on, many become drug addicts and so on,not only because they have full of money, certainly have, and even greater responsibility, while those who kill here she was killed the same people who say so just the performers, but they are also responsible, but responsible, not only they, but also those who gave the orders, and some who bore the responsibility, others too will soon suffer).


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