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Question: In recent years increased the ways of zombies and so forth, mass media and so on. What can you do to protect?

Video Nicolai 04.11.2016 at 14:22

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About zombies and protection from zombies (well, it's really true because after it was destroyed by the generators, which provide for levels other levels and they continue to be destroyed and they have to compensate for creating a purely mechanical device and through the media of television and so on to achieve the same effect that you need, well, first, there are two options — a radical option, not watching TV, not listening to the radio and so forth, which often will be positive too another option is the majority of people unfortunately hardly can cope, because you need to neutralize the action of going through the media, and to do this, again you need knowledge, skill and so on, if you have these skills, you can do to protect yourself if the skills are not present, and you're trying to do something — you can just suffer, and that is the fact that occasionally is the destruction of such as it systems, then they ... new, destroyed new, and so on, but in any case, it continues that in any case, even if you fall under this if you internally that you can actually do, i.e. the action is, but if internally are setting yourself up for resistance, nepovolena to you zombie and so on and so forth start up it will not save completely, but it minimizes interaction with existing systems, though not all, but at least something, and so it will gradually destroyed everything. (Question from the audience: excuse me please, that's about the devices that are being created, alternative devices, they can be used, say they can help somehow?) — Well, you know, I don't know what ... well, you know this requires specific, each case you have to say specifically, because a lot of devices that are supposedly protected, but in fact they are cough, cough... that's why the crowd can not speak, but the best camera is the man himself, you better never come up, so if a person tune he does not need any crutches to be protected, i.e., concentration of will, i.e. configure that, you know, that's why I even recommended protection on the site that man is nothing negative through the defense penetrating, and nothing positive from it does not go without his desire, but the simple words, but actually they contain very a lot of sense if people really like the tunes that no one can suck the life force from him, he can give someone, it is his right, but without his will, nobody has the right to do, and the negative impact is not, even if it is not at all blocked, but if it blocks at least part of that's good, and the more people train the more you adjust and the more he will enter yourself in the mood for such a strong-willed urge this, because the human will has enormous power, because man is constantly destroyed and destroying, that if people do gather their strength of will, it is really a lot that can be done and it's not so bad, it's just told that will, man is weak and so forth, he is not weak, it is trying to do weak and lazy, you need to overcome your laziness, but if you will overcome laziness and use my willpower that almost any person may present to a greater or lesser extent, but in any case, if you replace even the action, which is good, ie will still need to act in any situation (Question from the audience: "Kashpirovsky also zombifies people?") — And what do you think pull? he was pulled in the 90-ies him on the head and given to the same Kashpirovsky, first, that you knew, Deepak he is just a puppet, and through him is worked the time a certain group of rather powerful mages, and he just acted as a conduit of these forces, that he did know everything, and the fact that someone stood behind him, there stood a rather powerful mages, Vronsky at that time was still alive and others who did good deeds, but they were and he got all the others, who stood behind him, this time will be the same, because why now, he pulled out again in 20 years, because then wanted to stop one process and now want to release another process of the liberation of Russia, of course, so it's not a coincidence (Question from the audience: "to Neutralize it?") — Of course you can, just then he lie in the hospital some time in September ' 91, you know, right? when he started to do bad things, and maybe now if climbs already, the hospital will not do).


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