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Fresh jokes for 05.11.2016 (73 pieces)

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- Alia, you're still married?! Well and sho you say wedding night?

- TA! The whole night changed my name on social networks...


I can not understand: the best years of my life has already ended or not yet begun?


Perfectionist-pokhuist will make it all perfect, but some other time.


- come on Saturday for health trail in the forest walk?

- Great! Vodka as take?


After the Baltic States decided to sue 500 billion dollars to Russia for the Soviet occupation, the British thought and thought and decided to file a lawsuit in 10 trillion dollars to Italy for the occupation of Britain by the Roman Empire.


Grandfather with his grandson present at the marriage ceremony at the registry office:

- Grandpa, and that is signed by the groom?

- the Act of unconditional surrender, my grandson.


my husband Brought Mendelssohn to Chopin.


People to be afraid of in the village not to go. (wolf proverb)


- Come on. See.

- What?

- Create a problem from nothing.

- My you're clever.


Without difficulty, and porridge butter will not spoil.