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Write a love letter

The Diary 06.11.2016 at 19:00

Informative diary

Let Valentine's Day happens once a year, but it's never too late to tell about his love. If you've never written a love letter, then now is the time. This is the easiest and cheapest way to speak about their feelings. Just think, you only spend on the postage-paid envelope and in return receive love, kisses and maybe something else.

Step 1:

For the love notes you can use any piece of paper. But approach the process creatively! Or try one of the proven ideas:

• Valentine. This method is the easiest. Go to the store and select a card which will appeal to your second half. She is with kittens or other cute things?

• a Postcard with a reproduction of the painting. Select a picture for him or her and take a few minutes for writing a text.

• Take 1-2 sheets of beautiful paper to Express their feelings. Great space for your text can help Express all your creativity. And don't be afraid, no one will argue against the 5-page love letters.

• Take a sheet of cardboard and make a card. Decorate it with cut out hearts and other decorations.

• Draw a card-a picture of yourself. Take the drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils and markers to draw the picture.

Step 2: writing the text

the Form of your letter will depend on what and how you write it:

• a Short note. Suitable for postcards, but not it does not mean that it is enough to only write "love from". Even if the postcard is just a couple of lines of text, use them in full. Think about what a Declaration of love will appeal to your recipient. What better way to tell him or her about your love? Offer hands and hearts? These few words can change your whole life!

• a Great message. If you have space for a few paragraphs, you can well to consider the words that touched the deepest strings of the heart sweetheart or lover. Again it is better to write several options to create the perfect text. Write about what you love most in him or her, the power of your love, plans for the future!

• the Letter. If you decided to fully disclose their feelings, write partner a long love letter. Sit in a relaxed atmosphere with romantic music. Don't think about where to start, what to write and how to finish, unleash creativity and the right words will come by themselves. He or she will appreciate that you expressed your most secret thoughts!

• pattern. Don't know how to Express everything in words? Then try it! It doesn't have to be a work of art. Take the markers and draw a big heart, a bouquet of flowers or a small house with trees and fluffy clouds in the sky. Complete the drawing with a few words of love.

Step 3: send

You may think that a love letter you can just throw in the mailbox or leave on the kitchen table, but it is better to make it more "speaking":

• Romantic brand. If your other half is far away, the romantic letter must be accompanied by the relevant mark. Choose something from the Valentine's Day and be sure to stick a stamp upside down! Upside down mark in the language of love mail means "I love you."

• the Secret message. Instead of having to write a letter or throw in the mailbox, put it in a bag or other place where your partner will find it during the day. Imagine how she or he will enjoy that surprise.

• Nightly bedtime routine. In good hotels the maids put chocolate in bed, and you can do the same with your letter. When your partner takes an evening shower, then put his message together with a rose to him or her on the pillow. Your romantic gesture will be appreciated.

• Simple sincerity. You can also sit around partner, take a look in the eye and say that you wrote something special. Then give the letter and get ready for a sensual kiss!

Now you know how to write the perfect love letter. If you don't have the time, money or energy for a greater manifestation of his love, a small note will show your other half how you feel about it.

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