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New arrivals for SALUS Smart Home

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting 09.11.2016 at 07:37

Automatics ENG - automation, smart systems, ventilation, lighting

Dear customers, we are pleased to inform You that on sale wireless magnetic sensor Door Sensor SALUS OS600. With this wireless device, the capabilities of the system SALUS iT600 Smart Home became even more interesting.

Examples of usage scenarios:

Using sensors window/door and the app for the smart home can switch off the heating in the room in the period when the window is open - this prevents unnecessary heat consumption. Using the app, can check whether the open window or door in your house before leaving.

the Function control one touch OneTouch™ is pre-configured conditions of conduct that are defined in a simple to use control panel. With the application iT600 Smart Home, you can set the simultaneous turning off of all lights in your house to save power one touch can lower the temperature on all thermostats can also set an alert to receive messages via email, if a window or door open.

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