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Fresh jokes for 08.11.2016 (63 PCs)

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Earthlings enthusiastically looking for extraterrestrial life. A more developed civilization who know much more about the inhabitants of the Universe, keep radio silence.


Clowns terrorize the streets.

the Billionaire villain is trying to come to power.

America needs you, Batman.


In the Soviet Union were poor, just not enough, but the queues for iPhones has never been...


Confuses Suvorov with Chatsky - recorded in a diary Polonskaya and called the parents to the state Duma.


Broke the Law?

put it on the Internet!

Likes, Views, Your popularity, Help the police - All Yours!

Headed a rating of the Best Morons of the year!


Russian citizenship, an apartment in Grozny and the title of "Honorary Mordvin" - what else have a forgotten actor to remind myself?


- marry me

- So soon?!

- Well, can not immediately. Gradually.


- Even more interesting, why Ukrainian journalists adopted the refueling of the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" in the open sea for the tow.

Well, this is understandable. In the pictures there are no buckets or cans...


it says Here that the of Mosul have fled the ISIS leader. Strange, I was sure he lives in Washington.


- All credits taken by Ukraine during the governorship Miho, are personal debt Saakashvili, Poroshenko.