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Question: the Introduction of the essence of astral parasites.

Video Nicolai 10.11.2016 at 14:39

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About astral beings, the defenders of man (well, here again, the introduction occurs can often occur and someone can specifically implement, it can happen, there are several options, just need to not be confused, sometimes the person is really a kind of defender, and even an astral parasite, astral being, not a parasite, in principle, that picks up the vital forces, but protects it from all others, is what is called the guardian angel of so-called religion, so in fact, angel is just being lost his physical body, but which has reached a new level of symbiosis, i.e. it protects from death, for example having a body and takes over this part of the energy which man still does not use, because especially the children, they have thrown away a lot of potential that is not being used, that this creature takes that part of the potential itself, i.e., life delivers and protects from all small creatures that rush like mongrel, this is so the angel is not quite what what is meant by the angel, although it's not a bad creature is one option, the other option is do when slips parasitic entities that are intentionally implanted, which not only take away a person's potential but also destroy the person, but with such need to fight, the man himself, unfortunately such is unlikely to cope, again need help).


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