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Question: At what point does the introduction of the soul? At the time of the merger of gametes?

Video Nicolai 14.11.2016 at 10:43

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On the soul (all right often a person asks a question and the question contains the answer, in more detail described in the books and in the "Last call to humanity" and "Nature and mind", it is natural that the entity is at the moment of conception, and it is therefore, any abortion is not just isolating the destruction of a group of cells, which so to speak has arisen in 2-3 weeks when the abortion is done often but that as they say is at high risk for the entity which was included in some egg and promises her death often, or a loss of evolutionary level, that is, the entity is doomed the next time it is already to get out and go to another level so as not to get stuck between worlds so to speak the living and the dead entity should it take to burn of its potential to pop up again to where to wait for the new incarnation, so to say it in any case if the entity does not make it become food for astral predators that will hunt and devour, this is really happening, so any abortion is not just a really murder is worse than murder because when you kill someone, which is very bad, kills the physical body, the essence still comes out and has the opportunity then to re-incarnate, when they kill an unborn child, in this case, the threat of death essence that if you die you will die forever, so that's always although the Church is Christian and cries about it she took it from Vedic traditions that do abortions only if the woman faces death well, when health does not allow for one reason or another have a baby, in all other cases, it is impossible to do and really the essence comes, and so forth, and really just the fact that human nature is not small, it is difficult to photograph, let's say, for example camera, but the photo was taken Buttercup, Kirlian photography, have you heard what is Kirlian photography? Yes? I was lucky that the test took the seed of a Buttercup, because the Buttercup is a small plant, and he was very surprised when on the plate after development kilianski photo seed Buttercup to Buttercup seed was attached adult plant of the Buttercup, an adult plant, i.e., when the seed thrown to the ground and begins to absorb water ..


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