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Arrest management executives

In a recent interview extremely interesting Tatarstan media-project "Real time" I described for several years sold in Russia the model of criminal upbringing loyal officials and political players: not just a single significant arrests, but the systematic establishment of cases and imprisonment is "played" their own party members. At that moment it was a question of regional leaders. The latest news indicates expansion practices and its transfer to higher Federal level.

the arrest of the management of the managerial personnel has clear structural implications for the entire system of governance, which is reconfigured to the solution of ordinary and routine to extraordinary. The picture would be incomplete and grotesquely imitating Stalin's mobilization of hardware, if you ignore those key areas where such adjustments is critical. Today it seems obvious that it is used for centralizing resources in the most high and quick yield: oil, gas, timber, land. However, the most serious delayed consequences this model has in the management of social sector: health, education, culture.

Here the loyalty of leaders becomes a key resource of permanent reform, which establishes the Foundation of social inequality for decades to come. In turn, control the loyalty of performers in terms of reflecting social stratification is the official nationalism and patriotism. The arrest of the Minister Alexei speaker, it seems, has nothing to do with the social sector or with nationalism. But we should not see it as just a special case or power groups struggle for influence. You should evaluate it as a moment in the total reconfiguration of the entire system of governance in favor of the players involved simultaneously in an exclusive concentration of resources and the formation of a new structure of social inequalities. Interview explains the mechanics and logic of the current protests, relations between the Federal center and the regions, dangerous substitute to domestic issues by the ghosts of an external threat.

the Fragment of the interview:

"take a Look at extremely revealing figures available from open sources concerning the arrest of officials, regional leaders, elected politicians or administrators, appointed by management. These numbers are staggering. ... Of course, some of these people can be the owners criminal past or real corrupt. But some illustrative cases clearly demonstrate: they can be just not manageable, "inflexible" in response to informal instruction from senior management. Attempt to train the implementing officials or political system as a whole with the help of the prison characterized her condition as relatively unstable, based on the lack of loyalty.

however, the formation is not political, but rather a service loyalty through the prison is quite unexpected, but its an effective tool which assumes that state structures are better managed in the emergency than in the long-term accumulation of management experience. After all the officials, including high and very high level, or otherwise be at risk and "disposable". ... If we talk about the logic behind the use of prison or isolation as a management tool, it is obvious that it is to the detriment of the setting of the state apparatus in terms of control of population, the solution of a very routine tasks. Bureaucratic body, which lives in expectation of very serious sanctions, including arrest, rather, will be very good to perform some extraordinary tasks, rather than routine. I believe that this may be one of the conditions is relatively weak handling of the apparatus, and handling by the apparatus of the critical issues in the fields of Economics or culture".


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