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Question: Pitchers talked about the Russian Republic.

Video Nicolai 15.11.2016 at 11:13

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On the Russian Republic (Well, here asked about what Pitchers were talking about the Russian Republic, and the fact that it really officially registered because according to the laws of the Russian Federation, each nation could create a Republic, right? and here's a group of enthusiasts have created and officially registered Russian Republic in the Russian Federation, they have passports that do real passport, though all this is officially recognized, but ignored, you know, it turns out all small Nations, who wanted to created their own Republic in Russia, in the Russian Federation and the Russian people, of which 82% is still in the population of the Russian Federation the Republic it is funny? in other words, there is no representation which represents the interests of the Russian people, officially, all the other is, at most, the Russian people have no is not fair, so you need a fully or formally develop this thing or change the situation of things to be different in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, where the interests were only the indigenous peoples of Russia — Russian and other indigenous... primarily considered, because we have those who is born in Russia of Russian and other indigenous peoples of Russia and other areas in the countries no where can I go and live, we have no other, and therefore, in principle, the Constitution of the Russian Federation from my point of view needs to protect in the first place and to reflect the interests of the indigenous peoples of Russia , not anyone, not Israel, so to speak).


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