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Question: the prints of black magic with the Bible

Video Nicolai 17.11.2016 at 15:07

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On the brainwashing programs of the Bible (well, it asks for prints of black magic with the Bible, then to read, so if you give this book, I will be removed from the Bible to remove. Someone sent the Bible? Just seen that in Arkhangelsk I did it, — and there right? there! well come on then off and everything, just when I read you see that I spent in Arkhangelsk, just Nadezhda among the audience was, when it happened, saw the faces of the people who read then, huh? well? say, into the microphone say a few words, as you saw. — (Hanuskova: For tomorrow, when he came and said that we see in the Bible a completely different even, well, not that text, and the meaning, after reading a second time, even first pages, Nicolai just made such a gesture (pointing) once and removed, but that was removed is not known to us). — Well, so we'll see if people really read the second time, he will probably see things differently, because it really cleaned brainwash program then the person the words are the same, it's funny, i.e. nothing changes, the words are the same, but the person reading the book — a completely different perception, i.e. what is being said that we become brainwashed right and left, and we don't even understand what is happening, so to say, well here another question about the baptism here it is possible to remove the effects of baptism, will do that, ie, when in the end, after a few minutes I will be conducting will do that too, for those who wish).