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Question: Space parasites and social parasites?

Video Nicolai 18.11.2016 at 15:16

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About space and social parasites (they both are one and the same, is one system, just social parasites that I conditionally on Earth, and the space to distinguish the space from social to distinguish it; social parasites on our Earth, the Planet, it just has puppets, and puppets of those cosmic parasites that system has created, so this is one system and therefore the contact between them, they linked very well, but the truth is, until recently, because for at least several years the external system has already been destroyed by a parasitic systems, but on the ground they were only puppets, so the last time they removed their masks and are already playing fully open because they are already as they say, why the agony? because they are cornered because they have no support no, those bosses where they hoped that they were put here not already exist, and they are still there, so now they have gone openly into the war, i.e. openly, I someone said that Ukraine was on TV the message, open air that the dark forces took over the planet, we now control the entire planet, as they claimed, openly, not bad huh? so, ie they have blatantly just trying are already losing, why do they say that captured openly, because they have lost it all, so if captured and held, they would be silent about it, and why began to speak now, because they will lose their positions so they need to bully, that we have already captured type — do not pull; or as when the book "Russia in curve mirrors" was released I initially passed through Nadezhda Yakovlevna — type "later I realized it" nuuu — not later so to speak) .