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What is rewriting? — webmaster, website, web 19.11.2016 at 21:02

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What is rewriting articles what do they do? In fact, of all the types of creating unique content for the online resources is rewriting is the most simple. But make no mistake, even a simple retelling requires rewriting of certain skills and effort.

1. What is rewriting

the Rewriting – this material is from foreign sources, written by other, in their own words. Customers increasingly prefer copywriting rewriting it, because it's a great way to create unique text on the basis of quality, previously by the published article.

the Process of rephrasing information from a source is called a rewriting and the rewrite. The rewriter is the person who rewrites the unique texts written by others receiving a similar content, but written a little differently.

2. The differences between copywriting and rewriting

Rewriting is writing a new unique text on the basis of a finished article, unlike copywriting. The degree of similarity of the obtained material with the source depends on the depth of rewriting.Often the article for rewriting provides customer and thereby simplify the work of the rewriter.

the Customer may require the rewriting of deep rewriting a specific article. What is a deep rewrite? Deep rewrite of the article lies not in simply replacing the words in synonyms, and in its complete rewriting in your own words, the replacement of the semantic blocks, change the style of presentation and paraphrase sentences.

Novice copywriters are often mistaken in thinking that rewriting is easy and simple, just a matter of 5 minutes. This view is fundamentally wrong. Deep rewriting is the careful, painstaking work that requires as much, if not more, time than writing unique original texts.

In the process of rewriting is necessary to observe the basic rule: a private speculation and distortion of facts in reroute unacceptable! The order for the "his" theme you can safely take in. If the text examines the issues in which you do not understand, this order should be abandoned.

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