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Users complain of the voracity iOS 10.1.1

DEKUEVO media 28.11.2016 at 20:45

IPhone Users installed the latest iOS update began to complain of fast battery discharge smartphone. The problem affects iPhones with iOS 10.1.1 update.

According to the victims, the battery discharges very quickly, and the smartphone has a nasty tendency to additionally suddenly off by about 30% charge. One user with a habit to turn off iPhone at night said that he turns off the smartphone battery level is 80%, and in the morning the machine is loaded only by 30%.

Apple has not commented on the situation. Recall, the iOS update 10.1.1 was released at the end of October 2016. The update corrects a number of flaws and errors spotted in the previous releases, and also increases the stability and security of the OS. Among the fixed issues is an unpleasant situation when some users data from the app Health (Health) "disappeared", they can not be viewed as the information from the database is not displayed on the screen.