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A hacker called their viruses in honor of James bond

DEKUEVO media 07.12.2016 at 19:00

Unknown author virus-ransomware Petya-Mischa released a new version of the malware GoldenEye.

Virus GoldenEye, obviously named after the seventeenth film about the agent 007 of the British intelligence James bond "Golden eye", is an improved version extortionate programmes Petya and Mischa (the names of Russian satellites "Peter" and "Mike" from the same film "James bond", which in the story was a electromagnetic weapons — approx. "Of the").

the new virus is virtually identical to the old version and is distributed using spam emails to employees from HR departments nationwide. Malicious email at first glance looks like a standard resume for employment. It contains two files — a PDF, which contains information about the professional qualities of the fake candidate, and Excel spreadsheet — direct loader GoldenEye.

After the victim gives permission to activate, GoldenEye will gain extended administrator privileges, and starts the encryption process the hard drive.

In summary on the screen of the infected PC, you receive a notification with the requirement to translate 1,3 bitcoin (about one thousand dollars — approx. "Of the") for recovery of access files and instructions for installing Tor browser by which the victim can pay off the hacker.

in Just a day in trap were more than 160 employees of the German company. Currently, the tools to decrypt the infected data does not exist.