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A gift to the students for the anniversary of the Maidan

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 08.12.2016 at 08:49

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In the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance report: next year on the state grant can only count those students that were in the list of 40% of the best, and not only on academic performance.

Now the grant is paid to approximately 65% of the students. And, according to the adopted and announced the concept for four years their share should be reduced even more dramatically, to 15% of the total enrolment.

"Since 2017 it is planned that a scholarship will not receive all of the students with average and four triples per session, and those who held high positions in the rating compiled by the universities," reads the official message of the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of education.

the Officials say that there should be on Europe, where "students are willing to work part time, for example, waitresses", and not only.

Strictly speaking, there's no reason why something with the most "vlelim bursatella" should be at least a little different.

first, the "social" Ukraine is now cut at all.

At the shop are simply no dough, and that is - goes to the army. More precisely, on "military procurement", which is already settled and need intelligent people who know what and who to buy.

These people problems "jumping for gdnet" care somewhere between the manufacturer of macrame and tug-of-war: they have long been weaned, and their children to get an education in a destroyed Ukrainian "higher school", in General, never especially was not going to.

second, the Ukrainian higher school is now in such condition that it can only help the most "running" for other methods for the recovery of the ruins simply don't exist.

according to Ukrainian official statistics with a straight face:

according to employers, more than forty percent of the number of Ukrainian students of the faculty of foreign languages stupidly do not speak English, and graduates of economic faculties of Ukrainian higher educational institutions do not know math enough to work in elementary accounting programs.

It's official, again. Those who do not believe we can listen to Ukrainian Prosecutor General Lutsenko: "since the beginning of market relations, a huge property stratification and challenges generated by this, our educational system has become a factory for the sale of diplomas".

...There is something symbolic in the fact that students three years ago started the "euromaidan", which led today to this deeply European developments.

However, who knows - maybe those students have already graduated. Well, or they were killed in the Patriotic front.