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"The state": first presentation

15 Dec, 19:00

Medialite on Prechistenka

the sociologist Alexander Bikbov, one of the leading experts on Bourdieu, and author of the Foreword to the Russian edition of the lecture course "the state", will hold a presentation and discussion on the rotation of the socionics analysis for this "unthinkable".

As the fundamental study of the state consistent with the previously developed Bourdieu's theory of fields? What is the line of succession and breaks with Weber's model of bureaucracy issues, violence, monopoly? What role in the historical reconstruction of the state Bourdieu assigns of anthropology and the work of sociologists Norbert Elias, Charles Tilly and Benedict Anderson? The extent to which the proposed formula is universal, i.e. does not depend on the context of French social and bureaucratic rule in 1960-80-e? How does the analysis of the state and the public interest proposed by Bourdieu, with courses on biopolitics and pravitelei read Michel Foucault earlier in the same the Collège de France?

the Publication of the main course of Pierre Bourdieu in the Collège de France, first in French (2012), and soon in Russian (2016) opens a new page of key sociological theories of the XX century. In lectures Bourdieu takes up the "new" object, which has never before been at the centre of his analysis. Rich theoretical intuitions and empirical illustrations the text is a challenge as most existing concepts of the state and the established image of the Creator of the genetic structuralism.

the Basic provisions of the program Bourdieu is widely known in Russian intellectual environment. The course "the state" requires careful consideration. Therefore, the presentation devotes sufficient time for discussion with participants and listeners interested in new reading of Bourdieu.

Address: Prechistenskaya nab., 11. korp.1.

the Link to register for the presentation and discussion.

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