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Evolution of sect "witnesses bezveze"

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 14.12.2016 at 05:25

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However, before the legal marriage offer to take the time out to address the issue of castration. Well, if something in the marriage goes wrong, you'll have extra to cut off something very important for you. Or useful. Probably, such a proposal should at least be alerted. But the nation, the chromosomes which appeared on the Maidan, thanks to "divine Providence," even such a question does not bother.

On "divine Providence" did I mention not to be witty. 15 December 2016 to be held "scientific-practical conference on the theme "God on the Maidan: reality or myth?". Scientific f - - - ing. Practical!

Compared with castration need to illustrate another mass detonation of the so-called "perdaki" socially active part of the nation, Masturbates right in the Internet. Even I, accustomed to madness propaganda and other attacks of those who rose into the air on the Maidan, using the power of the lower limbs, it is difficult to understand the logic of the next seizure. If at the meeting of the European Parliament on 15 December will be the mechanism of emergency cancellation of a visa-free regime, it means the introduction of bezveza for Ukraine and Georgia. We first define how to castrate you, and then enter. Or Vice versa.

And again we believe! 24 November, when the President promised to travel without visas in Europe, many began to rummage on the top shelf in search of Lacy panties and a ticket to Paris. Eat a croissant in front of the Eiffel tower – this is the meaning of life of the nation. There was an epic bummer, but the patriots embarrass hard. There is a new date – 15 Dec. I will not retell all the dizzying vicissitudes of the passage of the "visa package" through the bureaucracy of Brussels. I will only mention such strange concepts as "EU" and "constructive discourse". In Ukraine there is a whole school of experts on the passage of the "visa package". They f - - - ing the whole table spread tyrnete, from which it follows that, first, God really was on the Maidan in the form of "Trinity" (Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, Tyagnibok), and secondly, Beavis inevitable as the transformation of Ukraine into a powerful state of nanotechnology with the most well-fed ("Narodowej) army in the "continental Europe".

President Poroshenko gathered leading speakers (those who talk about the zombie box) faction of his name in Parliament and given the task of extensively and comprehensively cover the topic "travel in Europe without visas". First responded the Vice-speaker Irina Gerashchenko, who offered to take urgent second appeal to the European Parliament with an ultimatum: "either you give, or we build a free and prosperous Europe without you, shameful bastards." Other speakers also tried, but then there was Nadezhda Savchenko with his talks with the leaders of DPR and LPR in Minsk, and the theme of several poduval. However, the patriots were aroused again began to discuss the Cycling routes of travel in Europe, prices for hostels and where you can cheaply eat before the "Paris croissant".

"Perdaki" undermined yesterday when the "Ukrainian visa issue" has been postponed to February 1, 2017. Then Reuters lighted the long-known "Dutch claims to Ukraine". First: there is no Ukrainian membership in the EU. Neither now nor in the foreseeable future. Second, any military assistance. Third: no money to give. Fourth: there is no free trade. Well, and there, on the little things.

most Importantly, know this was long, just like the patriots had hoped that the results of the Dutch referendum is not much impact on the position of the European Parliament. How many of those planokur in Holland? Only 0.1 percent of the total number of Europeans. If you count a few million extra resettled in the EU Muslims. It turned out that not everything is so simple and the results very considered.

"Dutch claim" plus once, even I do not remember what the account transfer consideration "bezveze" in the European Parliament has provoked another bomber "perdaki" in Patriotic groups and forums. You know, more anti-European, anti-American posts I have not read anywhere else. It turns out that Europe came to the final "n...n". After 2017, the French President will be marine Le Pen, and Angela Merkel will fly in the elections in Germany, the EU will fall apart into its component parts, the borders will be restored. My timid attempts to argue that, say, not so bad, called me "pigheaded dog Putin" and advised to "go to Moscow". Sounds a little illogical, but it's true.

I Think the nation went into a mental collapse. Three major "achievements of the Maidan" – a visa-free regime, the prospect of full EU membership and "cheap European goods" firmly and thoroughly covered what all we usually have is served. The only real achievement of the "revolution of gidnost" was the war with Russia. And patriots write: "for centuries we have dreamed about how kick ass...zu Putin, so the Maidan has opened before us a new historical perspective". How about.. Mr President in modern existential mythology of Ukrainians is a sort of Macleod, always put a spoke in the wheels of European integration and visa-free regime. Moreover, the latest mythology of the nation at all given that the fundamental component as "bezviz".

the Department of pastoral theology the philosophical and theological faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv offers you not ochkovat on this visa issue, and find a new sense of the sacred in the Maidan. Remember, I mentioned "scientific-practical conference "God on the Maidan"? Know what the top threads on the "panels" of the Lviv Catholic University? "The Maidan is a sign from God, and not coincidence". So says "chaplain of Maidan" Mykola Miskovsky. What visa-free regime on the background of the finger of the Lord, which chose its activists to establish a new world order of Pro-Ukrainian? And nobody..., causing the orderlies and believe in this nonsense. And you know what else is planned, "scientific discussion"? "A sense of the otherworldly among the participants of the revolution of dignity." And by "the side" means not European integration in the form polnocennoj values of full membership and "sacral-liturgical" and "missionary-pastoral life," the participants of the "revolution", their "Ecumenical attitude".

our eyes the basic tenet of the sect "witnesses of visa-free regime" rapidly evolyutsioniruet in the "underworld, the entrance to which is open to all patriots."