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Modern love story

A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose 14.12.2016 at 20:54

Author's website-journal of contemporary poetry without pathos, nonsense and lies.

Want to read novels about love by contemporary Russian authors?.. Modern novels where a romance novel, detective, and Thriller in one book?!

Then read action-Packed novel "Disbelief" about love and the vicissitudes of life. It is a modern Russian prose about love without the beautiful, but false notions of the authors of pop and empty pseudointellectual zaum "postmodernists". The prose of Russian life, where most people don't care about gloss and glamour to sophisticated, but barren of the intricacies of someone composed of stories. But sometimes a love story, crime fiction and psychological Thriller intertwined, inextricably and tragically, in real human lives. And it's not fancy mixing of literary genres in life, but the essence of diversity and uniqueness of human existence. In this symbiosis, there is nothing magical and all the more fantastic, and it's not just modern prose about love, and the true story of the lives of people in the present, post-Soviet, and Soviet Russia. Readers who are looking for interesting, exciting and vital books of contemporary writers of our time, this novel should not leave indifferent.



I know that I know nothing. (Socrates, 4th century BC)

the first Part Under the same sky — one light

"we are All schizo, thought Grishin, — duality in us permanent and only moment of happiness you give to our souls the balance, but that we recognize only later, when the moments have already disappeared from our lives forever..."

Generated the idea did not surprise him, not seemed to him new and unexpected, and almost as an afterthought he typed on the keyboard the word that still smoldered at the bottom of an aging memory. The search results flickered on a computer monitor.

there were enough of Them for laborious study, but Grishin did not do this and chose only gogolevskoy a link to a photograph from space.

Memory didn't fail him — he quickly identified the picture shows the village centre and the main road crosses it; found the house where once lived, reviewed the streets and alleys, which used to go for months.

this is only a street away from the main road to the river, and the coastal part of the village badly differed in the picture. They seemed blurred, as if hiding under cloud cover.

Grishin closed his eyes, trying to remember the past, and almost physically felt as is on the street, stepping over the springy wooden plank bridge, and greedily inhales raw and disturbing smell of spring river... And opening his eyes, he saw before him, on the monitor, only the dim spot on the most interesting part of a photograph from space. And smeared the picture, as considered Grishin, was due to the influence of the atmosphere, not someone's ill will.

But it's still wroth, and swore softly in frustration — he could not see from outer space the street, where he is far from his past life, went to the beloved with such a short and strange name Iya...

— Ah, wih, wih... Mister Zotov! he said as if not addressed to itself, but to an invisible companion from the past. — You will never forget this short, lovely name...


Grishin went to the balcony, lit a cigarette and looked around. There was a dark night and only for heavenly purple pan appetizing shone crispy pancake full Moon.

Grishin smoke, thinking, and barely managed to smoke polygamy, as nearly in the cemetery the silence was heard the trill of the most important phone.

Called Alex, an old friend, with whom he now associated but friendship and business relationship. Alex knew the daily routine of life Grishina, so don't apologized for the late call, but only said curtly:

— greetings!.. Can't sleep?! and after a moment's pause continued. — Do you think my fish will be cleaned?!

Although Grishin didn't really like the way Alexei to speak Aesopian language, but he forgave him this weakness and often played up to his friend.

— Your fish cleaned — it's not seniors in trams pinching! — said Grishin. We need a failsafe scheme.

— You've done it again!.. Serega, you know, we are the grandchildren of the deceived shareholders who have invested their lives in unprecedented Scam... We are victims of fraud and demand their money! But in stock we have not much time... clean the Fish while it's fresh, and when they rot, become rotten already get at it! the voice of Alex sounded confident. — Start from local pond — so you will be easier and safer... Agree?!

— I Agree, Alex, but the information is aging as fast as the fish will become rotten!

— Updates and additions for me — going to send you, ' answered Alexei Grishin on the remark.

— How to clean? asked Grishin.

— Try the rules, that is, from the head, but we'll see, advised Alex and then asked: — do You understand?!

— of course... And about grandmothers — how and where they drive?.. You know — a new financial scheme is really not my thing!

— do Not hurry, do everything in order and financial arrangements and details of the Fund name of Robin hood will then, cheerfully said Alexei Grishin and imagined smiling to his phone companion.

They said good-bye, but more confident approaching insomnia, and in my head Grishina annoying whirling words: "We are victims... we are victims... we are victims..."

"Is a phrase as a hiccup... Need to do something, otherwise she's just killing me!" thought Grishin about the phrase that has become for him so disgusting.

life-Saving words were born spontaneously and their Grishin said quietly, barely moving his lips. The spell worked and annoying phrase ceased to torment him, as if vanished from inflamed brain, and he was relieved.

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