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Physical development of baby at 12 months

Infant 25.12.2016 at 04:16

Everything you need to know of a young mom!

The Twelfth month is the last month, which completes the first year of your baby. This boundary in conjunction with results about the weight and length of baby's body, and the mental and physical development indicators.

In the development of your baby's twelfth month is not considered to be a turning point. In the body of the baby there is a further detailing of already established skills.

During all this time of a newborn baby emerged a little man. The child also requires a lot of attention and care from the parent side, the baby needs their care, but he may already possess some skills, they learn to speak, and actively exploring the world around.

the child's Speech

Child under the age of one year may make ten or twelve words, these words include "mom" and "dad." So he already walks alone, climbs on a step or on a small chair. A child who cannot tear himself away from the wall or the hands of an adult, may well go if to give him a hand wand, or a toy, for which he will be able to "stick". It is not talking about the imperfection of the vestibular function, and on the mental component. A similar phenomenon, when the children run, they better keep the balance than when walking.

Game kid

Kids at this age can carry with both hands heavy objects: a toy, a plate, etc. of Their favorite activities is to pull out and fill the boxes or cartons to moving large objects to throw, they love to decorate books and even Wallpaper. Children have no idea what they are hurting by their actions. They enjoy such pranks and trying to repeat them. Adults should be patient and should not criticize and punish the child for such actions. "Analysis" and "dismantling" of items — the first stage of cognition. In this stage and enters the baby at this age. So that your baby does not spoil things, just watch his actions.

Child under the age of one year are complicit in the game, he can throw the ball and waiting for his return, trying to catch. All children at this age like collective games. Also, the child relishes participating in the Affairs of adults. The child reacts to dressing and undressing, it can lend a hand or leg, when washing or cleaning the nose elongates the neck. At the table he often uses Cutlery on purpose, much less play them.

the ability of 12-month-old baby

to the Child to drink from a Cup, he also moves freely due to curiosity and a complete lack of "life experience", he is able to grab a hot pan, sharp knife, tilting hot, pull on a tablecloth or oilcloth together with the dishes, following that don't leave the baby even for a minute without adult supervision. It's what the kids learn it two-syllable words. These words in its stock for about ten. The words are accompanied by characteristic facial expressions. Children sensitively catch the tone of speech of adults, and understand the meaning of most words. The child can easily remember the names of the objects learned of the action, the names of close adults and children. Also a favorite pastime of the child to watch through the window of traffic and people. Kids love animals and are attracted to them, not realizing the danger. Child hunting all feel and all know.

At twelve months in children lays the perception of music, its melodies and rhythms. Conduct daily five-minute musical, they form the child's cravings for one the melodies and rhythms and the disgust of others. Calm, soft and melodic music has a calming effect on the nervous system of not only children but also adults.

This month completes the first but not the memorable occasion in a child's life. It is rather a big feast for the parents, because the child does not understand all of its beauty. And for parents this holiday is the brighter, the better their child's health, more success in his physical and mental development.

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the child's Teeth

% to the physical development of the baby are also the eruption of primary teeth in healthy children, they erupt at different times: two lower incisor appear in seven months (at least five to six months), four upper incisor erupt between the seventh and eighth months of the twelve months cut two more lower incisor. By the end of twelve months the child has eight teeth. If the child has a lag in physical development, most often it is caused by the rickets, the teeth are cut at a later date.

most of the children are teething passes without suffering. In some cases there are digestive disorders (frequent and loose stools, loss of appetite, salivation), tearfulness, temperature, and sleep disturbance. In such cases, does not require any treatment recommendations. But it must be remembered that the masking of the appearance of the teeth may develop a serious disease, sometimes even dangerous for the baby. Sometimes parents assume that the discomfort caused by teething and miss this precious time for the timely and effective treatment.