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Why baby spits up

Infant 25.12.2016 at 04:29

Everything you need to know of a young mom!

Pregnancy every woman is in trouble for the health of the future baby. And when the long-awaited child is born healthy, the young mother feels an infinite happiness. But immediately after birth, happiness is marred by the frequent occurrence of regurgitation in a child. In particular, it's very intimidating to young, inexperienced moms. To relieve the anxiety of mothers for their favorite children, it must be noted that regurgitation is a normal stage of growth and development of every healthy child.

What is regurgitation, and why it happens

called Regurgitation reflux into the oral cavity through the esophagus of stomach contents. Most often this is due to the incorrect position of the baby or the bottle during feeding, in which the body gets a large amount of air. If the mother keeps a bottle of formula at the wrong angle, the liquid completely fills the nipple, causing the boy and his food begins to swallow air. The same thing happens with breastfeeding. When the baby takes only the nipple with his lips instead of milk in his body into the air.

To the occurrence of regurgitation can cause the tight swaddling and the pressure on the abdomen, and allergic reaction to milk. The reason could be overfeeding, when the baby gets a of the food ago. Because children do not breast-feed when they are hungry, but to soothe the process of communication with the mother. And, given the meager size of the stomach, which, moreover, does not stretch as in adults, excess milk immediately after feeding is removed from it in a natural way.

note that volume is normal can only be considered no more than two tablespoons of milk secreted during the process of regurgitation. Of course, it is very difficult to determine how this process is normal. But for clarity, you can conduct an experiment, for which the tissue is poured 2 tablespoons of yogurt. The liquid will be absorbed into the napkin, and the rest you can easily determine whether the normal fluid volume srygivaniya baby.

generally, regurgitation do not cause the baby any trouble at all. In extreme cases, they can cause hiccups or slight cough.

In some cases, the regurgitation is dangerous

With frequent regurgitation, you need to carefully relate to the General condition of the baby. The first symptom indicating the development of a disease, is weight loss, or its lack of set. This figure should not be less than 500 g typed for the first 2 months. The presence of sickness can say to the patient, as well as lethargy and disturbance of sleep.

If with regurgitation the baby starts to cry in pain, you should immediately seek the advice of a physician. Be alerted should a small amount of urination as well as rare and scanty stool.

the Supervision of a physician is required if vomiting occur too often, as eventually, there will be a shortage of nutrients. This, in turn, can lead to the development of anemia, malnutrition and other severe diseases. In addition, as a result of regurgitation lost a large amount of fluid that can lead to dehydration of the growing organism. Such children are at risk of developing diseases of the digestive system. This will help avoid a full examination and supervision of a physician.

Regurgitation may accompany the baby to the age of 7-18 months, significantly ucaas in the period when the baby teeth erupt, during the illness or the introduction in the diet of food, but also in stressful situations.

Preventive measures

Initially, it is important to organize a child's diet. This implies maintaining a certain amount of time between meals and the exclusion of perekantovki.

baby After eating for 15-20 minutes should be kept in a vertical position, which will provide free access of air to the outside. Don't need too tight to swaddle a baby, not to put pressure on the tummy. Before doing the massage and gymnastics, it is necessary to wait 30-40 minutes.

Not to worry in that case that, even in the presence of regurgitation, the child sleeps well, eats and is active, is gaining weight and looks healthy. But, in any case, consultation of the pediatrician never hurts.

spitting up in babies after feeding. VIDEO