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Modest the truth about politicians-morons

True Life 13.08.2015 at 10:25

Incredible facts and true stories

During a recent press conference of the foreign Ministers of Russia and Saudi Arabia, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lavrov calls someone a "retard".

No, it was not demonstrative remark, it was the cry of the soul break out in a low whisper. Iron self-control of the Minister could not resist the impenetrable stupidity and Lavrov quietly but clearly said into the microphone "morons...", adding obscene word.

the foreign Ministry declined to comment, but the semi-official media have put forward two versions:

First. A minute before foul phrases, the Minister pulled out his phone and reads the received SMS. It is possible to assume that such was his emotional reaction to the text message.

the Second. Sergei Lavrov does not like Intrusive photographers who try to trap him in not the most "photogenic" moments. It is not excluded that such a moment, according to the foreign Minister, appeared at a press conference in just a few seconds before the sensational replica of Mr. Lavrov has just adjusted his glasses and rubbed his forehead, and the photographer began to shoot. The frequent clicking of a camera shutter is clearly audible on the broadcast.

don't know, can be really faithful to one of these versions, but essentially it does not change. Most freaks who call themselves politicians that have to work Lavrov deserve this epithet — MORONS. Thing is the pits Psaki lives... You listen to what "Blizzard", what do these Bush, Carrie, Oland. But the idiocy of statements (and actions) Poroshenko stands out even in their background, but just below.

by the Way, what is said by the representative of the Arab Emirates?

he Spoke about ISIS, Syria and the military coalition. That Emirates want to see in the coalition of the Syrian army, but don't want to see Assad. In short, the army let the fights, and President Assad must go! Well, if not insolent morons? Imagine a similar situation during the Second world war (she is figuratively constructed one of the bloggers): "America and Britain would say, "Here's to you Russia invaded, we are ready to help you, to open a second front and all that... but that's Stalin. We do not see the future of the Soviet Union with Stalin. Stalin must go, he is bad. And the army you have is good. Army Express". Well, not morons?"

Which epithet it deserves, the President of France Francois Hollande?

the French President Francois Hollande

Boulevard Voltaire writes that the incompetence of the French government is comparable to a bottomless pit, and now is the moment of reckoning. Payments of Paris for broken deal on the "Mistral" has doubled. It will pay France? Russia will reimburse the advance was 896 million euros; compensates for travel expenses — € 100 million. Pay its contractors with DCNS of 350 million euros, Safran et Thales — 500 million euros. To cover the expenses for the maintenance of ships in the port of Saint-Nazaire -150 million Euro. On the question of what to do with the ships? — to adapt them according to the standards of NATO is another 200 million Euro, to flood, to dispose of 100 million euros."

But that's not all! Francois Hollande paid dearly for the insult that he caused Vladimir Putin — now India, in turn, decided to withdraw from the purchase of 126 French fighter Dassault Rafale contract, which was widely covered by the French press and actively promoted the Elysee Palace, the newspaper reports. Thus, from France leaked another 18 billion euros that will receive the new "happy choice", and it was none other than Vladimir Putin, writes the Boulevard Voltaire. Russia will be glad to supply India dozens of military aircraft in its production. Did the Kremlin his hand to the termination of the contract between France and India is not known, but the fact remains!

how to assess the mental abilities of the leaders of the Baltic countries? The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia Richard Kozlowski announced plans by his country to build on the border with Russia, "wall", which, according to him, needs to stop the flow of illegal migrants. To do this, Latvia will take four years and 17 million euros.

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry declared that Americans have the right to be stupid if they want. He regularly uses this right. Recently he said that Russia and China can have access to his electronic correspondence. Evidence of hacking their correspondence Kerry of course is not submitted. Regularly it is echoed by the Pentagon, according to them Russian hackers regularly hack into their emails and websites. And that is very convenient all of your idiotic letters to write off the machinations of Russian hackers, say that we write, it's all the criminals fault, it is they we all slipped!

How convenient to be a moron, you can always give up their words, from their decisions to write off all your (or their subordinates) idiocy.

But please note that Western policies have dramatically stupid when they don't want to take responsibility for their words and actions. Well, or when they want to "push" the adoption of any nasty decisions and don't want to hear reasonable arguments from opponents.

Probably, they are not morons, and "BL...dskie" policy, unprincipled and corrupt.