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How to recognize the stagnation of milk (lactostasis) and get rid of the pain

Infant 27.12.2016 at 21:04

Everything you need to know of a young mom!

The First few weeks after birth is the most physically challenging and emotionally, especially if you have a first child. A new way of life, the acquisition of new skills ( baby care), the limited quantity of sleep and leisure time is tiring. But breast-feeding and the accompanying positive emotions mask all the problems of the initial period, subject to your normal state of health.

the Initial signs

Many mothers in the first two weeks after the birth of a child faced with the problem of coarsening of the mammary glands and milk stagnation in the Breasts. An hour ago everything was fine and now, his chest swelled and sore. When I tried to feed, the baby takes the breast, sucks and angry from the effort, you're instead of positive emotions, experiencing the unpleasant sensation of pain. Panic sneaks up on you, although you from all the forces trying to drive her away. This stagnation of milk in the breast or lactose. Although at this stage the symptoms can be similar and cipolatti.

When the milk begins to arrive for the first time, the breast becomes hot, hard and heavy. You may feel that she has been petrified. This is partially due to the milk filling the breast and partly because of the increased volume of blood and fluid into the tissue of the breast itself.

How to get rid of pain?

There are several simple rules how to do it easily and correctly.

Keep on feeding your baby

In most cases, lactose breast full of milk, it flows freely from the breast and baby can feed without difficulty. A healthy strong baby strong enough to suck large quantities of milk and empty Breasts.

Take a warm shower and relax

the Main cause of the stagnation of milk in the breast is not excessive formation of milk, and insufficient elimination. Most often this occurs due to spasm of the ducts of the mammary lobules that produce milk out. As you know, the best antispasmodic is warm. Relaxed, your milk ducts will expand and give the resulting milk.

Drink warm herbal tea

a Decoction of mint, lemon balm, chamomile, fennel seeds have a pronounced antispasmodic action. A Cup of warm decoction of these herbs is able to relax the ducts of the mammary glands and facilitate the discharge of the milk when feeding or pumping milk.

Pumping milk

If, after feeding the baby pain and roughness remain, it is necessary to Express milk.

the Pumping of the Breasts is a simple and reliable method to empty the breast and get rid of pain and brutality. The method of expressing is simple and easy to use, provided that you follow a few simple rules:

before pumping take a warm shower, drink warm soothing tea; ask your loved ones to make you a light back massage — on both sides of the spine are reflex areas, the impact of which facilitates milk flow and eliminates milk stagnation; make a light massage of the breast: light, circular pumping movements go in the direction from chest to nipple. Do not knead the chest! How to Express milk, Use a breast pump. This device has some advantages over pumping with your hands; it will significantly facilitate and accelerate the pumping of the chest; there is no likelihood of damage to the skin due to rubbing with your hands. Pumping hands is a classic way to get rid of the stagnation of milk in the breast. Its basic rule — the movement should be directed away from the chest toward the nipple.

Remember that the best prevention of stagnation of milk is frequent applying of the kid to his chest. Regular emptying to avoid overflow of their milk and related unpleasant pain. It is recommended to read all the important tips for nursing mothers.