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Useful tips for young nursing mothers

Infant 28.12.2016 at 01:04

Everything you need to know of a young mom!

Child is vital to getting breast milk for a proper education and further development of the intestinal flora. Of course, if there are no contraindications. To finally solve the issue of breast-feeding and give some advice nursing mom this is a very difficult task. First of all, it is necessary to focus on the medical evidence and subjective aspects. Have enough mom's milk? If not, can this be fixed? When can I start using milk kitchen and to introduce solid foods?

milk production

a Very significant moment for the future right breastfeeding is the latch the baby to breast in the first minutes of his birth. This is important not only for the health of the child, but for the arrival of breast milk. After child birth will remove the grease, it must be put to mother on a stomach. The baby starts to move around the stomach itself, looking for the chest. Would be correct if the child finds the mother's areola and the brain will receive impulses which will cause the normal lactation, there will be a surge of milk. So the child after birth, it is necessary to put on a stomach, even if milk yet. And milk can come the next day, of course it will be colostrum, but do not be afraid, most importantly, to begin to accustom your baby to the breast.

the Timing of feeding

the Next important issue is the timing of feeding. Here you should focus on the laws of nature – how often to put baby to breast, the more milk will arrive. Should not be strictly regulated and artificially created feeding times. A clear timetable in breast feeding is absolutely not necessary. A child he will set the feeding times. In the first week of the baby can be fed 15 to 18 times per day. Not worth making a break for the night and not be afraid to stay alone with a newborn. Feeding is the most important and crucial moment for the future health of the child. Some from the old school fed hourly and diet, but now pediatricians recommend feeding on demand baby more food than he needs he eats, but he's definitely hungry, you will not sleep.

the growth

tips on breastfeeding a nursing mom can focus on the data of statistical research studies. To feed the child need from both Breasts, one breast may not provide enough milk. Typically, for a maximum of lactation takes at least 30-40 days. Each breast has about 10-15 minutes of feeding the first month of life and apply it it is necessary approximately 10 times per day. After 2 months you can reduce the number of feedings up to 8 times. After each feeding it is best to decant the remaining milk until it stops stream, follow the hygiene of the breast.

When there is not enough milk

If your milk is not enough, then you can use donor milk. Although this is most likely the most undesirable option and resort to it only in a pinch. A female donor must be absolutely healthy, and pumping milk should be produced in sterile conditions, which is not always possible to control. Such milk may not be suitable for a child though donor milk is better than artificial blends. Do not rush to lure and milk kitchen. You can try to feed the baby more frequently with smaller portions. But if you see that the baby is restless and sleeps badly, it is likely that milk lacks and should add a little of the mixture, but it is better to consult a pediatrician. It is worth knowing that often the shortage of milk caused by hypogalactia.

complementary feeding

To the artificial blends is better to contact if the kid eats not and start slowly, with small portions. Usually, two-month baby enough 700-800 ml per day, so the bottle he should be given 50 ml and only once. If the baby's hungry, better feed him breast. In this mode remains a possibility as long as possible to switch to full formula feeding. If breastfeeding the baby an allergic reaction, you should not terminate it and go to artificial feeding. Just the mother should pay attention to your diet and find out what foods caused the Allergy and eliminate them from your diet.


in Order to avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to know which positions for feeding are correct.

Very often the reason for cessation of breast-feeding are cracks in the nipple which is very painful. Develop cracks are often due to the fact that the child takes the breast properly. So you need to very carefully monitored from the first attachment to the breast while the baby takes the breast. The correct position of the child seizes the nipple along with the areola and begin to suck harder when he feels the smell of mother's milk. Doctors do not recommend to wash the Breasts before each feeding, not to destroy the natural maternal flora, which prevents the occurrence of pathogenic bacteria. A shower should not take more than one or two times a day. To cure cracked can special ointments, but try not to stop breastfeeding. Keep in mind that often the cracks can be symptoms of lactose. This is quite a serious disease to deal with which need as quickly as possible.