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Where to get a passport in Moscow?

News - CONSIC.RU 18.12.2016 at 15:00

CONSIC. LLC KIVAS. The design of the passport.

Where to get a passport in Moscow is reliable and cheap?

Despite the implementation of new technologies legal basis and reality of procedures, registration of passports in the FMS remains a complex procedure. The problem lies in the assumption citizens elementary mistakes when filling out the application. For this reason, you have to fill in an application for passport in Moscow, losing sometimes months.

Where to get a passport in Moscow without loss of time? It is recommended to go to a private commercial company, where the professionals can assist you with collecting the correct documents and completing the questionnaire. Thus, the applicant has not lost additional time when submitting personal data and copies of documents.


Another option of the help of experts who can help citizens to avoid difficulties in the preparation of documents. The consulting services includes checking documents for errors and compliance information. Reconciliation of all information and prevention of all difficulties that may face the applicant. The fact that in some cases (in the presence of outstanding previous convictions, of military age, access to classified information) exit is prohibited. There are other cases prescribed in the legislation that denied the right of exit of individuals abroad.

the Urgency.

to Make the international passport in Moscow it is possible only for 30 days or more (maximum 4 months).

Urgent unable to make the passport, if a citizen filed the application, needed an emergency operation. Base supporting such a cause, is a statement of the attending physician.

Severe illness and death abroad of a close relative. Citizen can issue a passport, if you have a notice from relatives.

If you add the time in collecting and submitting documents, the applicant will lose a lot of time to get the long-awaited exit passport. Issues with urgency can be solved professional private companies. Thus, the citizen will not have to wait a month and get a long-awaited exit passport within 10-14 days. The urgency and rates obtain a passport depends on the type of document. If it's a biometric document, it can only be done for 10-14 days. If a customer orders a new model, the timing of the document can be reduced to 5-6 days.