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Where and how to make a passport in Ivanteevka.

News - CONSIC.RU 19.12.2016 at 13:28

CONSIC. LLC KIVAS. The design of the passport.

In the North-East of Moscow region is situated the town of Ivanteyevka. By area, it is not so long and covers an area of only 15 square kilometers. The city is home to 72 023 people. Here, you can easily get a passport as the standard scheme, and urgently.

the Citizens of Russia who travel in and out from time to time abroad, are required to have a passport or other type. Why is it necessary? Thanks to him, you can not only visit a foreign country, but then smoothly go back. The issue of the passport you can enjoy yourself or give this task to the professionals. In any case, we must take responsibility for this bureaucratic procedure.

To begin, you must correctly fill in all fields issued a statement. Legal representatives in case of difficulties to help you cope with this task without unnecessary red tape at a fixed payment. If you have to fill the application form yourself, do it carefully and consider all the details, avoid mistakes. Otherwise, you will have to fill out a new questionnaire and contribute your personal information. Now you need to show to the staff of the FMS documents, to finally get your hands on a passport. What? Please be sure to bring a normal passport Russian pension certificate (if you are a pensioner), receipt of full payment of state fees, a few high quality photos and military ID (for men from 18 to 27 years). Sometimes you need photocopies of employment records for the last 10 years of employment.

in the manufacture of biometric passports should not only submit the required documents and a completed application form and undergo the procedure of fingerprinting. All this information will be recorded in a special electronic microchip. Produced a passport within three months from the date of submission of the application for its design. You have the right to obtain this document urgently, however, you need a good proven reason. A passport issued in the office of the Federal migration service at the place of residence or temporary stay in city Ivanteyevka. You need to personally come out there and defend the place. If you encounter problems, you'll immediately be notified about this so that you have time to correct mistakes. Old-style passport issued without incorporating the chip in the usual way.