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Where and how to make a passport in Kolomna.

News - CONSIC.RU 21.12.2016 at 10:45

CONSIC. LLC KIVAS. The design of the passport.

Where and how to make a passport in Kolomna.

South-East of Moscow is a cozy town of Kolomna, with a population of 143 578. The area of this city is 67 square kilometers. You can get your hands on a passport according to the rules.

the issue of the passport is necessary for those Russians who travel to foreign countries. Without this important document, as it is impossible to travel abroad and then return back to Russia on legal grounds. Every resident of the town should know what to make the passport it is possible through a system of territorial Department of the Federal Migration Service at the place of their registration or temporary stay. However, there are situations when it is necessary to issue the passport of the Russian citizen who has no registration at the place of residence. Then what should be done and how to proceed?

Thanks to the legislative amendments Kolomna residents now have the right to obtain a passport without registering. In other words, you can't be attached to their place of residence. To implement this bureaucratic tasks, you must first send a formal request to the office of the FMS of Russia and then to fill in all items issued the statement on manufacturing of the passport. Do you like the old type of passport and biometric option. In the first case, the document will last you 5 years, the second ten. In the case of registration of passports of new generation in addition to submission of the documents and filling the application form you will need to submit their fingerprints and pass entering personal data inside an electronic chip. He then will be embedded in the biometric passport.

the List of documents for registration of passports.

Before you get your hands on the long awaited passport you need to submit the required documents. Bring the usual Russian passport, the receipt on payment of the state fee, 2 or 4 clear photos (depending on the form issued passport) and a certificate of employment a pension certificate and military ID. Don't forget to bring the completed questionnaire by testing it in advance for errors.

after Waiting a certain time, you get your hands on a coveted foreign passport with a fixed expiration date. With him Kolomna residents can travel freely outside of Russia and do not deny yourself the pleasure to see foreign countries.