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How to issue a passport to the Queen.

News - CONSIC.RU 23.12.2016 at 11:33

CONSIC. LLC KIVAS. The design of the passport.

How to issue a passport to the Queen.

Korolev, a famous city in the North-East of Moscow region, located on an area of 55 square kilometers. It is home to 221 129 people. Here you can get a passport by all rules as per standard terms, and the shortest.

a passport is a necessary procedure for those Russian citizens who regularly travel abroad for various purposes. Without this document, it is impossible how to travel to other countries and then return back to Russia. How to do? To start with the sample of the passport to show it. The biometric passport is made with an electronic chip inside which contains all personal information about the owner of the document. This passport consists of 46 pages and has a high level of reliability. The biometric passport is more progressive and modern.

to Issue a passport, you can on standard bureaucratic scheme in several steps. Be sure to contact the staff of the Federal Migration Service at the place of their actual registration on the territory of Russia, correctly and carefully given to you by completing the application form for issuance of the passport. This can be done both in writing and electronic. The prepared statement then bring personally to the office of the FMS. Then provide the necessary documents to complete the transaction on issue of the passport. It consists of: 2 or 4 high quality photos (depending on the receive of the passport), regular passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, pension certificate (for persons on retirement), receipt of full payment of the state duty and military card (for men from 18 to 27 years old) and photocopy of employment record book (required only for those working).

to Urgently make a passport.

Sometimes people need a Queen to make themselves a passport in the shortest time, for example, three days. But for this to be a good reason documented. The need for treatment abroad, the death of a foreign relative or receiving from him the inheritance - in such cases you have the right to issue a passport urgently. Sometimes you need the help of professionals, and the control will not be superfluous. Urgent receipt of this document is more expensive than the production of a passport in the standard period.