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Where and how to get a passport in Kotelniki.

News - CONSIC.RU 24.12.2016 at 16:26

CONSIC. LLC KIVAS. The design of the passport.

Where and how to get a passport in Kotelniki.

City Kotelniki is a town in the South-East of Moscow region with an area of 14 square kilometers. This city is home to 43 of 128 people. It is possible to receive on their passport data of the selected sample as in a short time, and conventional.

Every Russian, practicing travel and travel to other foreign countries, knows that without the presence of the passport, these actions are illegal. Therefore, in order to safely travel abroad and then to easily return back to Russia, it is important to issue a passport. Where and how to do it? Contact first consultation at the Department of the Federal Migration Service and take the form of application. Then correctly fill in all the fields it and check for errors. In the case of detection in the questionnaire will have to cancel and fill out a new form. Pre-specify in the application the type of passport you want to make: biometric (for the duration of 10 years) or old model (valid for 5 years).

Give the staff of the FMS, to which you have applied, the necessary documents. It consists of:

- the all-civil passport of the Russian citizen (preferably with a residence permit);

- military ID (required men of military age from 18 to 27 years);

- photocopies of employment records;

- two or four high-quality photos;

receipt of full payment of the fixed fee;

- the pension certificate (for pensioners).

After you collect all above documents and complete the application form, please contact your local office of the FMS in order to make a passport of a particular type. If you require a passport in the shortest possible time, collect all the necessary reference. This service will cost more than that which provides for the production of passport in normal time.

Upon receipt of the passport of the old type, you can insert data about their minor children, not making them separate document. However, with a biometric passport, things are different: for minors should be a separate international passport, and fit in with it. Take this into account before applying for registration of a foreign passport in order to avoid problems. Specially trained consultants will help you in case of different complications and issues.