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Website traffic — webmaster, website, web 09.01.2017 at 11:02

About creating web sites, content, optimization, promotion, and earnings. Webmaster tools, website Cotonti CMF (templates, plugins, modules) lessons for the development, description

Website traffic. Every web master wants his website visitors came and visitors can be carried out in various ways. Before I explain what is the doorway, I will give a simple scheme that is often used. Let's say you decide to create a website for servicing search queries quite a lot “computer repair” “computer maintenance”, “computer broke down” and so on. Naturally, to include all versions of key words is difficult and is not readable.

What is doorway pages?

Poraskinuv brains, webmasters came up with a scheme of this type, to create several different web pages, usually on different domains for each page to write the text that will contain the desired number and keywords, the text on the page, of course, is completely illegible, but we may not have to. Search engine, of course, add such pages as close as possible to the top of the list. As soon as the user arrives at this page, it will automatically be redirected to the desired website using the redirect function, in this case, he was not even able to understand what happened. These are small pages the soldiers are called doorway pages.


Using this scheme, website promotion, search engine was in a difficult position, because in fact the rules are not violated, no hidden text, and the pump articles. In addition, the search engines had indexed a bunch of unnecessary garbage, spending an extra time.

the Credibility of the search engine was under threat. The developers had to change the algorithm of indexing, such sites automatically were banned, and the function redirect is easy to find. The ban is the sanction of search engines, the result of which, the site crashes forever of search engines.


But there are smart webmasters have found a way out, they have changed the look of doorways, eliminating the function redirect to the right site. As a result, before the user has a new page with only “login” button, and the text with the right keywords placed much below the button, it can be seen only by scrolling the page to the bottom. Most users automatically pressed the “login” button, without special desire to see what there is below the buttons.

In this case, the search engines had to change the algorithm of indexing, in which more details are checked external links.

Although the doorway is a kind of spam, but they often use not for personal gain. Let's say you created a website on a specific topic, and a couple of sites on similar subjects. One of the sites has progressed to the leaders, and turned into a major online resource. The need for maintenance of other sites just disappeared, and there is no reason to maintain them. But website traffic don't want to lose, then you just take down small sites, leaving only one page with information that all the information is on other resources, specifying the link to the resource.

the Development and promotion of a website is primarily the ability to get into the lead, and finding new methods and ways of website optimization.

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