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The christening of the child: what you need to know and do

Infant 10.01.2017 at 16:46

Everything you need to know of a young mom!

In ancient times people believed that baptism is a big celebration, the second day of birth, only spiritual, not physical.

Many modern parents for years atheism was not brought up in the spirit of Christianity and it left an indelible mark. They don't know the specifics of the christening of the child, so expect to see all the intricacies with the help of a priest. But for you we have prepared some basic information, which you should master before an important step.

When to do a christening for the baby

Baby suggest baptize from 8 to 40 days. If you choose the latter, then the priest will read over the mother's prayer the fortieth day and she will be able to attend the ceremony. But if baptism takes place at an earlier age, the mother should not be in the Church. Very often, when the newborn is having problems with his health, the kid can devote in faith still in the hospital or home. Now successfully practiced the departure of the priest at the specified address. At the ceremony dressed him in loose, white clothes or buy special christening set.

Godparents for a child

when Choosing godparents, please make sure that they are baptized and realize all the responsibility. Because now they promise to be righteous not to sin and spiritually to raise a child. In addition, they must not be married or engaged together. You can take and one godfather, only one gender with the baby.

the child's Name in the Church book

If the name of the child is not in the Church book, he pick up similar-sounding or the fact that parents want. Later in the Church he must only use his name in baptism.

Among the gifts that godparents give the baby, most often baptismal set, crysma silver spoon and a cross with a chain or any other gift.