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Mitchell Dean in Moscow

Mitchell Dean is the author of critical studies "Prevailest: power and rule in modern societies" devoted to technologies of power in the later Analytics of Michel Foucault. In the next few days Dean will visit Moscow and take part in several meetings and discussions.

event Schedule:

10 Jan, 19.00 — the first presentation of the book "Pravitelei" with the participation of Dean and the author of the Foreword to the Russian edition of the sociologist Alexander Bikbov:. The presentation will be held in medialite on Prechistenskaya embankment 11, p. 1, RM. 22. You need to register (bottom of page).

on 11 January, 18.00 — discussion "Prevailest today: a research Toolkit of Michel Foucault" in the "Philosophical environment" Centre for contemporary philosophy and social Sciences at the philosophy faculty of Moscow state University, RM. A-307 , with the participation of Russian specialists in social and political theory, and translators of books on Russian language. The registration process is finished. If you have not previously registered, but have pass or diploma of Moscow state University, the organizers invite you to join the discussion.

12 Jan, 10.00 — meeting with Mitchell Dean at the Gaidar forum, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 82, building 6, Bookstore. The registration process is finished.

Meetings and discussions will be accompanied by a translation.


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