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Adjustment of VAT 1C 8.3

Blog 1C GOODWILL 30.01.2017 at 07:05

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the Need to adjust the VAT occurs when you change the purchase price or implementation. In these cases, write out the corrective invoice. Adjustment of VAT 1C 8.3 is formalized in the following way.

the Adjustment of input VAT to reduce the cost

First, form the income and expense overhead, which in the future will have an adjustment.


In Fig.1 see the arrival of the goods invoice No. 00BP-000003(supplier "Aquilon"). Issued invoice No. 123 (Fig.2).


Suppose that the consignment of goods in 1000 or more pieces, the supplier has provided a discount with the result that the total cost, and VAT was reduced. To reflect the reduction of the cost, based on receipt No. 00BP-000003 form adjustments to income No. 1 of 23.01.2017 (Fig.3)


On the page "Products" it is possible to specify a new price (Fig.4). The amounts in the columns "Value", "VAT", "Total" are calculated automatically.


in the same way as on the receipt, the document adjustment have the opportunity to register the invoice (Fig.5). This invoice will be corrective.


the Adjustment invoice in 1C 8.3 is slightly different from the usual. There are fields that indicate the change in the value. In our example, the following fields are completed reduce the amount.

Now we generate the purchase book and sales book. Let's analyze from both reports, since the reduction of the cost of corrective invoice must fall in the sales book, and the primary – book purchases.


Form the report "purchase Book"(Fig.6). It appeared the stitching on the contractor "Aquilon"

Check the sales book (Fig.7). In this report there is a record of the corrective invoice No. 1 from 23.01.2017 established under account No. 123 of 16.01.2017. All right!


the adjustment of the VAT increase

Now consider the case with increasing value.


Buying item "Sprats", but from another seller and in smaller quantities in the amount of RUB 21240(Fig.8). For some reason, the seller increased the price and made adjustment account. If the buyer agrees to the new terms, issued a correction document with the transaction type "Adjustment by agreement of the parties." As in the first case, the document can be formed directly from the receipt by clicking the "Create based on" (Fig.9).


On the basis adjustments to revenues creates a correction invoice (Fig.10).


In this case, can not do without a routine operation — it is necessary to fill and hold the paper "Formation of records of book purchases" (Fig.11).


Recall that in the original invoice No. 2 from 17.01.2017 was selected "to Reflect VAT in the purchase book ...", so the data in this document is not in the table. But there is a record of our adjustment. The result is that both the invoice into the purchase Ledger (Fig.12).


Summarize. The reduction of the cost is reflected in book sales, the increase in the purchase book.

the adjustment of the implementation in 1C 8.3

the Accounting documents are generated when the corrected implementation. But in this case, the correction invoice while reducing the cost of implementation into the purchase Ledger, and the increase in the sales book.

will Create two implementations and two adjustments on them.

In Fig. 13 see adjustment implementation with reduction of cost.


Form of corrective invoice "issued" the same "received". It also filled in details of the increase and decrease amounts (Fig.14).


In Fig.15 – adjustment of the implementation of the cost increase.


In Fig.16 – corrective invoice generated based on adjustment No. 00BP-000002 (increase in value).


will Check the reports that came corrective invoice issued, with the increase and decrease in value.

As expected, the increase in cost of sales reflected in the sales book (Fig.17). In this report the corrective invoice No. 3 from 4 from 27.01.2017 by a contractor Apollo.


the reduction of the cost of implementation is reflected in the purchase book (Fig.18). In the report a line with the corrective invoice No. 2 from 23.01.2017. The opcode in this case is 18. In the column "Name of seller" means our organization OOO "Progress" instead of a buyer of "Aquilon"


In conclusion, we note that before generating reports, you must perform maintenance operations on VAT (Fig.19).


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