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Registration fee in 1C 8.3: examples, transactions, reflection

Blog 1C GOODWILL 30.01.2017 at 09:07

1C - implementation, programming, training, configuration


Transaction stamp duty 1C 8.3 (as in other programs):

Dt 68.10 – Kt 51 Dt 91.2(20, 26, 44, 08.4) – 68.10 CT

the debit Account depends on the type of the operation. For example, if payment of state duty for the consideration of a lawsuit's account will be used 91.2. If you want to register a purchased asset, stamp duty included in the value of the asset (08.4). Registering contracts of an industrial nature, the stamp duty applies to the cost – 20, 26, etc.

the reflection of the duties in documents 1C

to account For the registration fee in the configurations 1S necessary to generate the following documents:

a Payment order Debiting the current account with Manual operation

In Fig.1 shows a sample of the payment order for the fee in 1C 8.3.


the transaction in this case, select "tax Payment".

Right of payment orders you can generate a document writing off from the account (Fig.2).


this document 1C 8.3 generates a transaction to write-off registration fee from the account (Fig.3).


write-off amount of the fee to the cost

Deduct amount paid on account of costs will have manual operation, which is in the section "Operation" (Fig.4).


filling the document is quite simple (Fig.5). The main thing is to fill the dimension.


the process of accounting for the registration fee can be considered complete. This option is used, when necessary, for example, to write off legal costs.

the reflection of the registration fee in the cost of the asset

Now consider the case when the legal costs you need to consider the value of the asset.

Suppose the organization has acquired a basic facility (building) at a cost of 5,000,000 rubles, at registration of which the fee was paid in the amount of 20,000 rubles.

will complete the purchase of the building (Fig.6). Note that the type of operation, the incoming document is "Receipt of equipment". The item is entered on the "Hardware"tab.


In the transactions generated by the document appeared the value of the asset — 4 237 288,14 RUB (Fig.7).


As formalized payment of registration fee, has been discussed above (payment order and the debiting from the current account).

But in contrast to the previous example, do without manual operation. Instead, it is generated by the document "Receipt of additional expenses" (Fig.8).


On the main page of the document specified amount (20000) and VAT ("VAT"). On the page "Products" fill in information about the building for which the fee was paid, and select the document batch (Fig.9).


Special attention should be paid to the choice of instrument of the party, as it populates most of the details. This document is selected on a special tab that appears when you activate speakers "Documents of the party." If the data is entered correctly, the desired document will be automatically included in the list (Fig.10).


the Transaction document shown in Fig.11.


Check the total amount for our building from trial balance account 08.04 with the selection of the desired item or report 1C "account Card" (Fig.12).


total cost of the building will be:

4237288,14 + 20000 = 4257288,14

will Create the document commissioning (Fig.13).


without dwelling on the specifics of filling out all pages of this document, check only transactions (Fig.14). As you can see in the debit of account 01 got the amount of the fixed asset subject to state tax.


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