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The white House wants to return the money allocated to Ukraine

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 27.01.2017 at 10:03

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The President of the United States Donald trump is going to arrange the audit authorities of the Kiev coup, checking where official Kyiv has allocated funds received from the United States under the presidency of Barack Obama.

reported the American edition of RealClearDefense in the article entitled "the Problem of Ukraine is Ukraine itself," in which the analysis of the main problems in Ukraine.

the Main problems of Ukraine - the Publication notes that Ukraine has problems in four categories:

-the problem of the organization of power caused by a large number of officials who take part in military strategy and procurement;

-the lack of a unified strategic vision and expenditures of the state budget;

-Pro-Russian official;

-stunning corruption, where greed posed above persons exceeds the national interests.

the article said that in Ukraine there is no clear structure and distribution of authority, all officers of the like compete with each other, like "cut" each other.

it is Also noted that the plants of the defense industry, which is indirectly owned by the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, regularly receive orders.

He left his business, as promised by accepting the position in 2014, emphasizes the publication, and the infamous Ukroboronprom has become a supplier of weapons to the black market.

One of the main problems in Ukraine is corruption and embezzlement of the budget. So, the author notes that the political leaders of Ukraine is not very worried, as their country is in flames, they are busy stealing the military budget. They reason that if the rest of Ukraine is absorbed by Russia, they will already have well-funded "plan B".

the Leaders of Ukraine don't care about the state of the country.

the Ukrainian government has hired lobbyists from Washington to resolve the problems with the administration of the trump, and it would be better trying to solve the problems of foreign policy. It would be much more effective than the latest bizarre attempt by the government Poroshenko to climb in the course of American elections, the article says.

According to the author, the Ukrainian government must show that it is serious about Western standards of management, for this they are required to show, where does the aid from the West.