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In the latest fighting in the DNI

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 30.01.2017 at 05:58

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What the end of daily fierce fighting in the DNI, in particular, near Donetsk.

Although the intensity of the fighting has increased dramatically in the middle of the week, the peak DB and the greatest losses occurred in the last day. Heavy artillery on both sides works in these moments. Unlike the previous weeks and months has been used rocket artillery, not only Hail, but also Tornadoes.

the loss of up to a person to indicate hard data as always, contradictory. As far as I know from friends, the militias killed at least ten and wounded on the front line about three dozen. This is a relatively small loss, given the high intensity of hostilities. This is due to the fact that direct military clashes (infantry attacks supported by armored vehicles) in these days was limited to two attempts to attack our positions Ukrainian forces up to platoon (under Avdiyivka and Mariupol). Basically used heavy artillery, so, thank God, we have more damage than human casualties.

as for enemy losses, Ukrainians, I believe, underestimate the number of dead and wounded dozens of times. First, because only when the morning attack at Avdeevka and on the southern borders, they had killed up to 20 people. Second, the positions of AFU were fired this number of rounds (including MLRS) that the damage must be enormous.

Indeed, around the evening, after 18 hours, from our side was followed by so hard a reaction that was unexpected even for us. The fire was a hurricane that destroyed a lot of equipment with personnel and artillery calculations of the APU, especially in the district of Avdeevka and Peski. The sensations for one evening were fired shells more than all of last month.

the Cause of the deterioration I see in the following. Ukraine has taken the attack to "probe" how passively or actively Russia will behave (the NPT), given the changed international environment and contacts with the United States. If passive - then the situation for Russia is unreliable ("trump not merged") if active then Russia feels more confident ("trump leaked"). Judging by today's events, with the permission of the DNR to meet the most hard - still the second option.

If this is true, it is unlikely that Ukraine will try to take any serious offensive action in the absence of guarantees from the West. But armed provocations and artillery attack most likely will continue - the only way Ukraine can continue to draw attention to themselves and accuse Russia of aggression.