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Ukrainian business in Russia

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After it became known about closing of the Lipetsk factory Roshen, rumors and versions of the reasons for this strange step were many. But everybody understands - Roshen first of all a business that brings profit and is working on, or stagnates and therefore closed. Amid the media hype, few people recalled that Roshen few years ago closed its Mariupol factory and refused to the development of branded retail in Hungary.

the Problem, as You know, not in politics. Manages the business Roshen business partner of the President Vyacheslav Moskalevsky. As they say in Ukrainian media is a tough and pragmatic Manager. It was he who took the decision to close the factory in Russia.

Moskalevsky said that the Lipetsk factory will not receive funding from Central office c 2014. In Russia have Roshen operates three legal entities - factory JSC "LKF Roshen", sales office LLC "Roshen" and logistic center OOO "Recenzent-L".

it is Known that at the Lipetsk factory, the production volume in 2013 decreased threefold. In 2014 recorded a loss of more than 407 million rubles and it is unlikely by the end of 2016 the situation has improved. However, in 2015-2016, Lipetsk assets derived $72 million dividend.

But sales office LLC "Roshen" has remained profitable. In 2014, the net profit was 1.1 billion rubles (revenue 7,988 billion) and in 2015 686,9 million (revenue of 5.5 billion rubles). Perhaps Roshen thought it was too small a profit?

Who is of Ukrainian businessmen has moved from Russia, and who stayed?

Agroholding Yury Kosyuk MHP left Russia in June 2015. The company announced that exchanged its 40 000 hectares of land and barns for 150 000 tons in the Voronezh region of 60 000 hectares of leased lands and store 90 000 tons of the Swedish company Agrokultura, located in the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions.

a Large agricultural holding, processing 47 thousand hectares in Ukraine, Trigon agri has reduced its presence in Russia and will focus on the work in Ukraine, as it became known in October 2015.

to Leave Russia and had only worked in Russia the Bank with Ukrainian roots - Moskomprivatbanka, owned by Privat group.

the Ukrainian co-owners of one of the largest car-building factories of Armavir Tyazhmash in 2014 gave the plant property for the debts of the Bank Russia. In 2015 it was bought by a Russian company, Retransforming.

But the entire Ukrainian business from Russia has not disappeared, despite political risks at home.

for Example, the confectionery company Konti on the territory of Russia two factories in the Kursk region. They both work and even increasing power. In 2015 year in the modernization of enterprises the owner of the company Boris Kolesnikov has invested 1 billion rubles. At the same time, the Ukrainian division of the company feels not so good.

the Company Milkiland in Russia is the most profitable asset of the business cheese plant Ostankino.

Active in the Russian and Ukrainian producers of alcohol. For example, alcoholic holding Global Spirits bottle vodka distillery Russian North in Vologda region, and last year, according to media reports, the company bought the plant and sprout in the suburbs.

the Company BAYADERA Groups in 2015 bought Veliky Ustyug LVZ, and the company Nemiroff in Russia works on the basis of professionalism.

last year, after the ban of Ukrainian beer on the licensing terms at the Moscow plant began to bottle the products of the Obolon company.

the Largest Ukrainian exporter of sunflower oil kernel has its own port terminal.

Owned by Rinat Akhmetov, DTEK Corporation owns three mines and a mill in the Rostov region. The assets were purchased in 2012, for an undisclosed amount. The supply of anthracite coal from Russian mines, DTEK continues.

iron and steel, partly owned by Rinat Akhmetov, in 2007 in the Rostov region belongs to a number of companies: Rostov coal company Central enrichment factory Sholokhovskiy, JSC ""sholokhovskaya", handling the management of Sholokhovskiy and Trading house Sochi.