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Besprovodnaya active speakers Klipsch Reference Premiere Wireless HD

Note Plus 02.02.2017 at 19:00

Note Plus

Reference Premiere Wireless HD SOUND WITH HIGH RESOLUTION IN WIRELESS resemebles the control Klipsch HD Control Center has replaced the complex receivers and allows you to place speakers in any place of your room without routing speaker cables through walls or under the carpet. The control unit Klipsch HD Control Center creates its own dedicated network. Column Reference Premiere Wireless HD does not depend on your home WiFi network, allowing no crosstalk and loss of signal due to limitations associated with the bandwidth in your home. Simple step-by-step menu allows you to install and configure the system, as well as to enjoy the sound with high resolution in just a few minutes after you will unpack the components. INCLUDE AND SYNCHRONIZE. READY. Created by the engineers at Klipsch a Smart Speaker Selector device is installed on the rear panel of each speaker and provides a comfortable seamless pairing with the control unit HD Control Center without the use of speaker cables, or complex audio/video receiver.Wireless speakers Wireless Reference Premiere HD, on the, are unique. Specially designed integrated amplifiers pump brand bass speakers with a membrane made of copper Cerametallic(tm) high frequency emitters with a proprietary suspension Linear Travel Suspension to ensure its linear “piston area” move to improve transparency of the high frequencies, which are placed in the horns Tractrix® to ensure the highest quality sound in the market. The minimalist design and the shiny finish adds a stylish touch to any interior. Once you register your system HD Wireless, we will send you a free program to flashing that you regularly receive information about the latest technology company Klipsch in the process of expanding its system.Wireless system Wireless Reference Premiere HD will grow with your needs and to ensure the longevity of the sound quality in wireless mode.

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