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Eggplant is a useful purple berry

A blog about health 24.01.2017 at 21:54

Razlichnye advice on diet

Eggplant is a perennial herbaceous plant of the nightshade genus (Solanum). It is cultivated as an annual plant. Only edible fruit. In the Botanical sense, this berry, is regarded as a culinary vegetable.

Eggplant is not only delicious, but also healthy.

They are the source of coarse fibers, which improve digestion and excrete toxic substances.

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Fibers promote healthy bowel movements – soften stool and help prevent constipation. Maintain uniform sugar levels in the blood, slowing down the process of digestion and absorption, resulting in a slow and uniform flow of the glucose into the blood stream. Help to fight obesity by helping you to feel fullness in the stomach.

Eggplant is low-calorie product, rich in vitamin C. Lots of it, and trace elements.

the Potassium contained in the eggplant, removes from the body fluid retention of sodium and thereby helps to eliminate edema and normalization of blood pressure.

Want to quit?! Replace cigarettes with eggplant

the fact that eggplants contain a lot of Niacin. The content of this material, this purple berry ranks second after tobacco. However, to get the amount of nicotine equal to one cigarette smoked, you need to eat 60 large eggplant.

the Use of eggplant can minimize the discomfort of the smoker caused by quitting cigarettes.

the Eggplant – brain food

Nasunin found in the skin of the eggplant, a powerful antioxidant, which can save brain cells from destruction by free radicals. This substance also regulates the iron levels in the blood to be there no more and no less.

the Purple color of the eggplant caused by the presence of anthocyanins – compounds that have anticancer activity.

in addition, anthocyanins help to improve memory, as it protects the myelin sheath covering each nerve fiber from damage and thus allow people to purposefully take any action.