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What indexing site — webmaster, website, web 24.01.2017 at 12:47

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The Question of what indexing site are very important for one simple reason, the sooner a new page will be indexed by search engines, the faster it will get in search results.

We have to understand perfectly that the article immediately goes into the index of search engines, but only after a certain time. But what time — let's deal.

What is site indexation: Indexation is the crawl of the search engines of your site and add to its database new or updated pages.

this is not clear, it means that the SS are coming to your website and add your new article to his list. In consequence, your articles can appear in search results.

the Position of the website in search results

Search results – the result from the list of sites in response to search word in the search box.

in other words, those articles that appeared in the database search engines, does not mean that the article will be in the TOP 10 or TOP 100. For this you need a certain amount of time.

in order to better answer the question, namely: "What is indexing site?" and understand the difference between indexing of your pages from search engines – I will review the 2 most popular search engines – Yandex and Google.

Indexing site in Yandex

Yandex — most famous search engine in the Runet. She is a leader in our country and, therefore, brings more traffic. Therefore, we begin with it.

As I have said, every search engine has different index sites. So, for example Yandex spends much longer time than Google. And this is understandable, because we compare Zaporozhets with Mercedes.

This example is not about the fact that Yandex is bad, this example shows how nimble and faster the Google and how much better it is from the perspective of the introduced technologies.

There is need to notice that Google indexes every website is different.

it affects one of the most important factors – the updates on the website. To be more precise, the number of published articles per day.

If it is a news site, posting up to 10 articles per day, that Yandex may visit this site 3-4 times a day. And here's a site which gives 1 article per week, Yandex can visit this resource only 2-3 times a month! So updates of your website plays a big role.

After all, search engines love to eat well: "the more articles, the more food and, hence, this website often have to go in order to eat well" — the words of Yandex.

to index website in Google

About this search engine have all heard.

Google is actually the most popular in the world, and it is taking all the new discoveries other search engines. What can you say about him turning pages indexed?

in fact, everything is fine. Almost every website in the Google index within 24 hours. And if you update the site at least once a day, then your article will be indexed within 6 hours. All very quickly and clearly, again, these figures depend on updates on the website.

However, it is not so tough at the time, than at Yandex. Moreover, Google updates the data on all external and outbound links, the number of new pages and the like every 15 minutes.

It is, as I mentioned above the search results. What often happens search results, the easier it is to see where your search query is.

Thus, it is very easy to do the analysis of the work done, rather than that of Yandex, whose search results takes place once a week.

so, the difference from the search engines you noticed. And this is understandable because each PS has its preprogrammed mathematical code in which they work. Just Google it is made up of the most properly and correctly, allowing you very quickly to do certain tasks.

What is indexing of website

so, why do we need indexing, what indexing site? The question is a little silly, but still answer.

first of all for points of entry to the site. And this in turn contributes to a large number of articles, because the more, the more you can get top positions and therefore the visitors.

the point of access, they must first be listed in the database of a search engine. In other words, pages should be indexed.

I will say even a little differently, because the indexed page and the search results are two different things. Just some people think that since my article on search engine bypassed and added to your list, you have to search the Internet for my website for this keyword. Yes, if you search in Google, you will be able to find your website after 30 minutes after indexing. Since Google is more perfect and produces the results every quarter hour, but Yandex is thinking longer.

So you always have to look when was the last results, and only then we can watch the desired position of the site. For this you can use the service of pr-cy there just to show all updates.

Finally, add a note to the young sites whose creators often ask the question: "How to speed up the indexing of the page" – don't wait for months instant indexing, sometimes after creating the site, especially Yandex spends indexing the latest edition about three weeks. Whenever you are refreshing the page indexing will accelerate.

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