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What you need to promote your website — webmaster, website, web 27.01.2017 at 09:06

About creating web sites, content, optimization, promotion, and earnings. Webmaster tools, website Cotonti CMF (templates, plugins, modules) lessons for the development, description

For anybody not a secret that the most important thing for any webmaster is the question: "What do you need to promote your site?".

the site's Popularity (i.e. number of visitors) to 98% depends on the degree of the promotion. So try to share some secrets to help the owners of valuable resources, to appear in the first lines of search engines.

let's Start with the fact that today the Internet is very difficult to find a qualified answer to this question. 95% of the articles — the full or partial nonsense related to the fact that people just do not want to understand the algorithms, rules and observe daily for changes to the search engines.

So your answer to the question: "What do you need to promote your site?" will begin with a list of generalized factors that directly affect the outcome of the renditions of the pages of your website in search engines:

content (content) of your website;

links to your website with others;

links from your site to other;

— the area in which your site is located (.com .EN, etc.).


Content (To) or the page content is the main factor influencing the relevancy of a page (importance and relevance).

With the right preparation, you can achieve very good results with a low citation.

When completing pages, you must consider several aspects about the location of the text in the body of the page.

is the high relevance of the text for the title page, so the page name must exactly match the theme, to be semantically correct(someone like a set of disconnected words in the title?) and at the same time to contain as much keywords.

— have considerable relevance and headers h1, h2, h3...

— as for text content, the relevance of words decreases in a logarithmic scale in the direction of the bottom of the page. Thus, try to present the essence and write all keywords as possible. However, follow the flow of the text. Never write your keywords in invisible text — this will lead to the fact that once, your website will be fined search engine.

— meta tags keywords and description in the first write array of keywords, and the second coherent description of the page, because some search engines like to display the contents of the meta tag description in search results.


Try to interest visitors with your site, place links to your. It can be news, games, etc. Why are these links now we will look into.

it is Known that the relevance of a page is affected by not only its content, but also the number of links from other sites. This method of determining the importance of a site is called the reference ranking. The more sites link to yours (preferably on the same topic), the higher your pages in the search results.

the Idea of this method is simple — if someone puts a link to your website, then it considers it important and useful.

There are two very popular indicator of citation — Google PR (from 0 to 10, logarithmic scale) and CY (TIC — thematic index of citing) Yandex (0 — 170 000(yet) scale is almost linear at values less than 5000).

To increase citation guide exchange links with sites of a similar topic. It is undesirable to use linkomanija and DVR is often remove your site from the search engines index and re-inclusion in the index is often impossible.

Outbound links from the site

Here we have to be very careful. There are two aspects:

— the more outbound links, the lower the rank of your page. So before you put a link from one page to another, weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

— never put links to penalized sites — your site may suffer the same fate. A rough estimate of "good" sites — PR not less than 1, the particles of not less than 40. Sites that have worse parameters require more detailed study.

the Area website

the Area of your site — perhaps the least important parameter, in response to the question: "What do you need to promote your site?", but it should not be forgotten.

Some Russian search engines, such as Rambler "don't like" to index sites zone com. However, upon reaching a certain level tsitiruemosti sites included in the index.

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