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How to gain a lot of followers — webmaster, website, web 30.01.2017 at 08:48

About creating web sites, content, optimization, promotion, and earnings. Webmaster tools, website Cotonti CMF (templates, plugins, modules) lessons for the development, description

The effectiveness of the site depends first of all from the traffic. The more often it will go "away", the higher valued resource by search engines, so from the influx of visitors and profits you will get more. How to gain many subscribers and to do so, go to your page, even the casual visitor to turn into a permanent subscribed to all the updates?

Here have to work hard. Yes, you can analyze competitors ' sites and glean some ideas here. But to write off the specifics of their own site is not worth it.

website Promotion

so, what to do and how to modify your resource to attract subscribers?

To begin with, it is necessary to accurately determine the theme of the site.

to Begin with, that any effort to attract subscribers may be in vain, if you administer a website of a narrow focus.

If you're considering a theme interesting a little, and regular visitors will not gain a lot. Then try as he may, and to motivate disinterested is unlikely to succeed.

So, if you decided to earn money on the website, then immediately discard the lighting of the unpopular topics.

How to attract subscribers?

This is the main question, answers to which you can achieve this goal. In order to achieve this, you need to perform the following actions.

Make a subscription easy. Otherwise, you will never know how to gain a lot of followers, because they just don't want to do that.

If you analyze the websites of successful competitors, you will see that treasured button "to Subscribe" is usually the most conspicuous place. And towerno. The user should spend no more than a couple seconds to find the desired link. Hardly anyone will spend the time to click on it.

to further facilitate the task of visitors in the end of each article or post, insert a link to the page of subscription.

Offer something in return.

to motivate visitors to subscribe to your site, offer them something in return. And that "something" certainly must be useful to your target audience.

Administer resource dedicated to copywriting? As a small gift for subscription offer the visitor a free ebook or audiokursy that will be useful to each author. Analysis of competitors ' sites shows that this technique is more suitable only in the case of sending the E-Mail is performed automatically.

Use a landing page.

Most of the landing page used to promote a particular product. But to attract the subscribers it could be useful.

the landing page may be directly to your website, and have its own URL. Fully dedicate to the issue of the subscription to updates of your website. Practice shows that it is a very efficient way.

How to advertise a website

Is of the site also affects how many people will subscribe to you and learns about your existence. How to gain many subscribers through advertising?

Establish mutually beneficial cooperation with competitors.

Conducted an analysis of competitors ' sites and found popular or promising platform? Don't have to "beg" from their owners links – where better to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

of Course, not many cytomegalia deceive "friendship" is not very popular sites. But it is possible that the mention of their resource on your website, they have on their blogs, and indicate your link.

do Not forget, behind every website are very real people, to agree that it is not so difficult.

Often write in the forums.

to communicate with your potential subscribers can be outside the site – for example, on third party discussion forums. After talking with you, many will want to visit your site. And it is possible to stay they are here to stay.

Everywhere mention your website.

This does not imply spam. If you analyze the sites of competitors, you will see that so many do. Share with users of the Internet with links to your blog, mention it as often as possible, associating it with the benefits of subscription.

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