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Network technology ethernet — webmaster, website, web 31.01.2017 at 13:39

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Increasing network bandwidth is directly related to your network equipment. Network ethernet technology will help to increase these characteristics, you need to add 10-port Ethernet switch, but with equal success it is possible to introduce into the network hub Fast Ethernet – these devices equally improve throughput up to 100 Mbps.

ethernet Switch

Imagine that the Ethernet network is the packages that are delivered by couriers on bicycles.

For Bicycle maximum speed of 10 mph, the track for Cycling, there is only one, and it should be used by all couriers. While the flow of orders is low, for each bike it will be possible to move at top speed, however it is possible only to the point until you need to send large number of packets.

In this case, the flow velocity will be significantly reduced — therefore, the cost to extend the tracks up to 10 pieces. In this case, all 10 couriers will be able to move with the same speed in their lanes. This example indicates the effectiveness of adding the Ethernet switch, because the network technology ethernet provides additional lanes to increase the speed of transmission.

fast ethernet Switch

However, the number of packets may increase — and in this case, to expand the tracks will be nowhere. Then you can use a different decision — for each courier to give something faster, for example — a car with a speed of 100 mph.

In network terminology, this means that it is proposed to implement Fast Ethernet, which will significantly raise the speed of data transmission, and, with a small number of packets, the data transfer speed will be much faster .

for Example, 10 posts on the bike will be delivered much slower than by car. Besides, traffic flow is reduced due to the capacity of the vehicle — so for the same amount of packages will need to use less machines.

the Bike can outrun a car? Of course not: so the network technology ethernet will never get the speed of Fast Ethernet, in spite of the number of lanes and switches. So when you choose between these two technologies, you need to evaluate your network. If the connection speed is in order, it is possible to switch the network, if not it is better to choose faster Fast Ethernet.

it Is necessary to consider some features of these technologies. For example, why switch to Ethernet, you need certain conditions.

a switch is a multiport, high-speed bridge that is capable of flowing a flow rate of 10 Mbit/s Ethernet and 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet at each port.

How bridges and switches can automatically determine the addressee at the address of the package that allows the switching equipment to significantly reduce the use of unnecessary traffic.

the Switching does not affect Ethernet infrastructure, so the equipment can be implemented in the network and not to change any cable system or to replace the adapters or change the driver.

LAN switches

Why LAN switches break the network into smaller segments?

This is done in order to establish the connection between the two network elements between each other and reduce the load on the nodes that will increase your bandwidth for each point. Then the segments are merged by the switch and creates one big LAN with bandwidth up to ten times greater than the initial single-segment LAN.

In the switch each port is a separate entrance to the shared segment LAN. Therefore, this segment can be connected only through a hub, but also to allocate a separate segment for servers and workstations.

the Users connected to hubs use shared bandwidth segment at 10 Mbps, while the servers and some users get separate high speed stations. All this allows to fine-tune local network.

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