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The structure of the site in the form of a diagram — webmaster, website, web 01.02.2017 at 09:49

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Our site structure in the form of diagrams, examples, show how it should properly look like. Because to create a proper site structure is very important.

Because it will depend on what keywords we will choose to get traffic, how people will behave later on our website if we have something to add to the site (new theme, new sections) without additional alteration of the structure and loss of time.

the Correct structure of the website

To help You understand how to create the site structure, let me give You an example of creating a structure for a new project. Suppose that I decided to do a site on the subject of "Tourism". The theme is quite broad, so is where to turn.

first need to decide whether we have a project about a specific country (say a site about Egypt, the site about Turkey) or about several tourist destinations (for example, the website for the tours to Scandinavia, the site on tours to Africa, etc.). Or are we going to do a large tourism project.

let's Say I decided to do a large tourism project. This will make it easier to get traffic, and its number in the subject will be significant. In this approach, the structure of the main menu will be the following:

First, I make the main menu items are:




North America

South America

Australia and Oceania

After that I have each main menu item to make a minor sub-items. In the section "Europe" of such subparagraphs are the main countries which unites all tourist flows:

Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.

I Hope the technology of creating subsections You understand.


After that, consider how it will look in the internal menus for each country in the sub-section. For this you need to think about what interests the tourists in the first place. And will be all clear. If it is difficult to determine what people need on the eye, doing just open — put in the name of the country and get a good result.

generally, in the category "tourism" technology of preparation of the menu of a specific country is very simple. Menu must include the following items: country map country major cities of the country resorts reviews

in addition, you can also partition type: attractions shopping real estate

so, we developed the site structure on the subject "Tourism". Schematically it looks as follows:

Continent → country → menu country → page of the site

similarly prepared site structure for other subjects.

Website construction

the structure of the site in the form of a diagram in the category "Construction", will look like the following.

First of all, think through the main sections. When building a house, as you know, building different parts of it. They (those parts) and you can make the main sections. Example: selecting and preparing the site the Foundation walls roof Windows doors etc.

In each of the sections and create subsections. For example, partition "Foundation" these subkeys are as follows: strip Foundation pile Foundation bored Foundation pile Foundation raft Foundation etc.

In each of the subsections are already located articles on the subject.

Or the section "door" subsections might be: interior doors entrance doors wooden doors metal doors technology installation of doors, etc.

Thus, schematically, the structure of the building to look like the following:

part of the house → Specific part of the house → the Types or types → Page article

As you can see, when you have enough experience drafting project structure is not a difficult task. The structure of the site in the form of a schema is the first step, which you can later put into practice.

Record the structure of the site in the form of diagrams appeared first on - webmaster, site, web.

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