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The first month or when they will be updating the rating of the rappers

Download rap album 25.01.2017 at 21:02

Site news

News in January pretty much releases the same enough, but the main news of course you need to consider summarizing the results of various polls and lists of the TOP 2016 different REP portals. We have Prepared for you a huge TOP 2016, which can be found here in this section. Lists of the best rappers, albums, tracks, music videos and so on will gradually appear. Publication of Top will lead to a change in rating hip hop artists of Russia. As we are preparing for you about 20 reviews of rap albums January 2017, all you need is to wait for their publication. Meanwhile, I will tell you about the major news of the second part of January.

During the filming of a rap clip killed actor

During the filming of the video for the band Bliss n Eso was killed by actor. The video was supposed to be a scene with a shootout in a cafe, but a random shot killed one of the artists who are hired by the production team of Australian rap group Bliss n Eso. The police said that the incident refers to the industrial injury and is unlikely to face a deadline for the rap group.

the bird and videoblogger

bird gave an interview to Life, which demanded "to eradicate" from the hip-hop culture "clowns" disgracing Russian rap, — Yury Khovansky and Dmitry Larin, bloggers decided to answer the star hip-hop. In the video review on my channel Larin expressed their dissatisfaction, accusing the rapper of incitement to violence and threats of life. In an exclusive video for life - Ptaha reassured bloggers, vowing not to touch them with your finger, and harshly spoke to the popular Russian platforms batliboi — versus, where, in his opinion, undeservedly invited to participate bloggers. Bird said that Versus is "a machine for creating dibilov", thereby leaving no doubt that the battle rappers and bloggers just beginning. The word on the side of the Bird and Schook.

After presenter and the author of the news programs on YouTube, blogger Nikolay Sobolev in a recent issue of your transfer, expressed his opinion about the conflict of Ptah and bloggers, saying: "Dear rappers, please do cool rap, you, and professionals. Show everyone what a real level. Enough of my jibber-jabber, but in fact it turns out that some "clowns of the Internet" have attracted much more attention than the musicians with years of experience. I don't understand the logic, bloggers make hip hop popular. Our audience listens to our tracks, and then begin to listen to the whole rap."

After this, the rapper bird continues to claim that bloggers are destroying the culture, and this time, he said the St. Petersburg blogger Nikolay Sobolev, after watching his videos, with criticism in his address: "On the Sobolev space, I would not say that WE were detained more than once. I was not arrested for the use nirazu. This is the first. And second. All Bloggers bombing that hurt them. Yes, you are funny guys. Make your monotonous blogs and think that you are smart. But you slackers. And, third, judging by the comments of listeners, people still woke up and began to understand the stupidity and the immorality of "turnip" bloggers. What makes me happy. And fourth, continue to withdraw their vidosic to me.This is the most that you can do. Your destiny is useless to society. Bloggers - clowns. Do wonder why bloggers have decided that their opinion matters? I think it's a star in her forehead. And by the way. I wasn't talking about that someone read and spoke about what people are reading. But see hurt all this riffraff. I like it. Generally I am pleased with the evil comments bots or whatever they where in the profile: a few pictures of,1-2 other, and so on. You have to throw off dislikes me - a freak."

Other news rap

there have also been other developments in the field of hip hop culture:

1. Jubilee has released a dis on Suppurative aka Slava;

2. Eric Davidovich, the owner of the website Smotra will release a joint release with Basta;

3. Lok Dog has announced the release of their new album

4. According to the version of the NR - artist of the year was REM Digga, the best album release Noggano - Luxury

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