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Land. Exchange of posters and one story about a fuckup

Iron discount loaders 30.01.2017 at 08:00

Iron discount on front - end loaders are

Once we published a book with an incredible amount of typos. This is a true story about seven nurses the child without an eye - the book was three corrector, which lost almost 50 stocks.

I thought - well, OK, it happens. When we print the second edition, all recovered, and declare the share exchange. books in immaculate. And what? We released the second edition in which ALL the page numbers in the TOC were generally taken from the pussy. So I'm waiting for the third edition to beautiful to speak.

in the meantime, what we have are two or more topical example. We spent a year making and produced a fantastic poster, "Land", which shows the real proportions of countries and continents, Islands and territories.

After printing, it became clear that there were serious shoals in the miscalculations. Designer Vasily Dubovoy wrote did a great job on the bugs:

In conclusion, he said: "Everything! I actually calculated all the formulas, without the "autocad". If my "Excel" sit a mosquito, he's going to cut your ass, wings, legs, trunk — all iskrometnye"

And was more correct option (the eye catches the nibble from Antarctica a large piece of ice that is not land).

And now we are announcing an indefinite promotion: anyone who bought the first version of the poster with the error, can come in any of our own shop and purchased the wrong poster on the right.

the List of our shops:

PS In the beginning of the debate I presented a new version of the poster Alexei Navalny, as it was previously reported that the male in the room a poster "the Land". Hope the update went smoothly.

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