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On the men's luck, Philips OneBlade

How to get a life of your dreams. 02.02.2017 at 08:01

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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these guys must be the bristles. If you still shave machine completely, then throw it away and remember: the machine is for girls. To trim them, the bristles are uncomfortable, and why even bother?

Shave infuriates everyone. Office plankton, and downshifters in Bali. Disposable razor or a reusable razor with a bunch of replaceable blades is all last century. Leave shelves for useless crap in the bathroom of his chick. You need OneBlade. And this is not a razor.

OneBlade – like a sports car. Only instead of 200 km per hour, this gadget at the moment accelerates to 200 movements per second and shaves stubble of any length. Can shave in any direction, even against the growth of stubble! Don't have an eternity to hang around in the bathroom. If enough time – OneBlade will come in handy.

What it does? To trim the bristles – quickly, smoothly with the nozzle-crest.

to Make the contours – easy to create a clear boundary for the beard or mustache. The blade does not close you review.

to Shave off the bristles of any length. He does not do it too close to the skin, without cuts and irritation. OneBlade leaves feeling the light evening stubble. It's all fire!

If you have the itch to shave completely, OneBlade is not for you. And if you like stubble, it does not matter how big a bolt you put on the shaving.

More about the advantages. OneBlade easy to clean, just stick it under the tap and does not need any dissections. With it you can use foam or gel for shaving. If the supplies ran out – to hell with them, OneBlade can handle, and so. And the blade needs to be changed only once in 4 months!

His with nothing to confuse. The coolest gadget vibrant green catches the eye. Try OneBlade, and you won't take in hands the machine. Starter kit is 2490 rubles. You can order here: #Tonerite #EtoOneBlade. And he will solve all the problems with the bristles.

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